ARGENTINA: Red Stag, Buffalo & Blackbuck With MG Hunting


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May 10, 2022
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As I write this it has been two months since I returned from my hunt. I had to take some time to process all of the great memories that were made. This hunt with MG Hunting was some 2 1/2 years coming to fruition thanks to the pandemic. Arriving in BA was a breeze thanks to all of the work and planning by Manuel. I was picked up at the airport and given a short tour of the city before catching my connecting flight to Santa Rosa. 7 of us hunters from around the USA were greeted at the airport in Santa Rosa by Manuel, his brother Pedro and Rocket. Then it was about a 2 hour ride to the ranch. Upon arrival at the lodge we were served a wonderful meal. Then it was off to bed for some rest before the morning hunt.

Upon waking, we were all fed a wonderful breakfast, assigned guides and off to hunt. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Pedro Gil. After all the hunters had left in vehicles Pedro informed me that we would be walking from the lodge for our hunt. I later learned that this was a small test Pedro was putting me through. The first day of hunting was outstanding. We stalked a few young stag and were dangerously close to a few good ones. The next morning was met with some windy conditions and a little harder hunting. After about three hours of little luck Pedro smiled at me and said “Let‘s go hunt buffalo!” I quickly agreed to this! After returning to the lodge and getting the big guns and picking up Rocket and an army of men we headed out. After a 40 minute ride to our hunting location we started glassing. After spotting and old cow we started our stalk. As we were walking we came upon the gauchos working cattle horseback. They informed us they had just spotted a herd of buffalo and directed us in their general direction. We set out on our stalk and quickly picked up a track in very thick bush. At this point Pedro turned to me and said “Safety off”. We followed the track of the herd for about 20 minutes very cautiously in the thick brush. As we continued the brush became so thick we could only see 20 yards in front of us. Pedro decided to move out to a road and try to catch up with the herd. We walked a little and entered the thick brush again. As we walked into the brush maybe 40 yards we found ourselves in a heart pounding situation. We were instantly in the middle of a herd of buffalo in some of the thickest brush I have ever seen. Everyone froze and was on high alert. At this point one of Pedro’s guides pointed and said “bull”. The bull then laid down no more than 25 yards from us. Pedro then noticed that there were several cows to our right that could be very dangerous. As we were trying to get a good look at the bull we were paying close attention to the cows.
Pedro finally got a decent look at one horn of the bull and told me to shoot as soon as he stands up. Now I am staring down the barrel of the 458 and waiting, Pedro has moved 5 yards to my left and has his rifle shouldered watching the cows in case of a charge. My heart was beating out of my chest at this point. We waited maybe 3 minutes which seemed like 30. Finally the bull stirred and stood up and started moving forward. One quick shot to the shoulder with the 458 and the bull went 3 steps and fell. After a hasty reload we ran up and gave him two more for good measure. Then we walked up on one beast of a bull! Everyone was smiling from ear to ear. This thing was massive!


The adrenaline was high and the whole team was smiling from ear to ear. Many pictures were taken, many handshakes and many smiles. At this point Pedro, Rocket and I left the team of men to skin and headed back to the lodge to prepare for the evening hunt. We arrived at the lodge just in time to grab a quick snack and head out for the evening hunt. Pedro and I spent most of the evening in the middle of several stag roaring at the top of their lungs.
We spent so much time talking about the buffalo hunt we weren’t really concentrating on the stag too much. As the sun was setting we were walking out for our ride after being chased by a skunk when Pedro froze and picked up his binoculars. I instantly put my rifle on the sticks and waited. Almost like a ghost a stag walked into a partial opening about 140 yards in front of us. I couldn’t see the antlers well but I did here Pedro say “Shoot”. Boom! Down he went. We slowly walked up and there lay an impressive stag!


At this point Pedro and I were giggling like young children. We had just had one hell of a day hunting! A giant water buffalo bull and a very nice free range stag in 7 hours! And we still had three more full days to hunt. That night at the lodge we were served another of Manuel’s very impressive meals. Stories were shared by all hunters present as the entire group had already been very successful. Then came out the cigars and spirits.

After a few hours of conversation Pedro told me of the test I mentioned from the first morning hunt. He had wanted to see what kind of hunter I was before going after the sometimes dangerous buffalo. I also had been feeling him out as well, and I can tell you that his passion and knowledge of hunting would be hard to match. A true friendship was forming between the two of us. The next day I lounged around the lodge and had drinks while thinking of the day before. I had a permanent smile on my face. On the fourth evening I went out with another guide, Albert, in search of a blackbuck. While Albert is short in stature that is the only thing he is short on. His passion for hunting is high and his short legs will walk a man twice his size, including me, right into the ground. We stalked a couple of nice males and finally got one in range late in the evening. We settled under a tree and took aim. Another great animal in the bag.


We again returned to the lodge for a wonderful meal prepared by Manuel. The next morning I slept in and decided to hunt a ram in the evening. That evening Pedro, Wompi and I headed out to hunt the ram. As we drove and glassed, Pedro and myself, Wompi with no binoculars pointed under a tree 500 yards away. Sure enough there was an old ram in the shade. Holy shit this guys eyes were good. We got out and started our stalk. At about 150 yards I got the thumbs up and bang!


That night at dinner many wonderful stories were shared. In 5 days 7 hunters had taken 27 animals if my memory serves me correctly. The hospitality and professionalism we received were top tier. You for sure will be comfortable, very very well fed and exceptionally guided at MG Hunting. Manuel, Pedro and their entire staff have something very special going in Argentina. Manuel will every aspect of your trip well planned. Pedro will have all of the guides and hunting arranged so that it runs as smoothly as possible. These brothers make this extremely difficult operation look so easy. I know that it is far from easy to coordinate, but I can assure you they make it look simple. I will be returning to do more hunting with my FRIENDS at MG Hunting!

Joey Fick

Pedro and the buffalo skull

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Waidmannsheil @Joeyrdfarms Thanks a lot for sharing this great adventure! Especially liked your story of the buffaloes :)
Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures.
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Congratulations, thanks for sharing your hunt with us.
Congratulations all around, well done. Thanks for report.
Well done, Congratulations! You took the same four species that I did with MG. They are top notch for sure.
Dear Joey

Many thanks for that awesome report and sharing with all of us your experience
We really have enjoyed the time you were here…!
You are a really Great Hunter and man.
Dont hesitate to contact us for anything you need

best regards our friend,
Manuel Gil
Very well done! We actually passed each other as you were headed out. I was able to get a good look at your bull in the skinning shed - just a terrific old animal. We saw his twin one afternoon, and I will admit to being sorely tempted. Again, congrats on a great hunt. The Gil brothers and Rocket are truly terrific people.
Hi Joey....good to see you here at the site.....great report, I have enjoyed alot reading it.
We did a really terrific buffalo hunting of the best I ever had.
As Red Leg sayd above We were looking your buffalo skull and He got really impressed.
Good to have you around here.
Pedro and me doing a terrific ducks season right now.

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