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Are y

Are you just browsing or are you wanting to sign up for membership? The reason I ask is that when you sign up it gives you the list to choose from if you would like to sign up as a chapter member as well.
Some information is for members only so you have to be logged in.
There are many chapters in FL.
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Thanks, Looks like only one near me (within 2 hrs), I am going to check them out.
You could start one!
This idea crossed my mind.

Maybe we could talk about this on pm, when is conveniently possible for you.
I found some old internet trail on SCI pages, there was a Croatia chapter in year 2012.
But it was closed down. No more info about this, and i dont know the reason for closing down, although I suspect small number of local members. I also dont know what are conditions required for starting a chapter. Any info you can drop to me on pm, would be welcome

But on the other hand, in croatia, what we have since 2012, and i know for fact we have more and more hunting safaris booked each year, and we have more and more hunting agencies being open offering safari hunting options.
My agents tells me, he is getting more and more bookings every year for Africa- this is continuous positive trend, for at least last decade or so.

An SCI Chapter is formed by like-minded individuals interested in promoting the mission of SCI on a local level. It is unlike any other hunting, shooting or species-specific group out there. It is not a "fundraising committee" for the national organization whereby funds are raised locally and then sent to headquarters for them to spend!

A chapter is a separate, legal, tax-exempt group that raises money under the name of Safari Club International and then directs the disbursement of funds as the chapter chooses.

An SCI Chapter...​

  • Must have 25 charter members who are also SCI members in good standing to form, and maintain at least 25 members.
  • Must file for and receive a separate EIN from the IRS (U.S. Chapters only) and apply for 501C4 tax exempt status under SCI’s master exemption.
  • Must have an elected Board of Directors with officers including president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and a Chapter liaison or contact person (which may be one of the officers).
  • Must have a set of bylaws for the operation of the Chapter, which at a minimum must mirror SCI’s bylaws. Chapters are encouraged to add bylaws that help them govern their own Chapters expeditiously. Included in this is a mission statement declaring what the Chapter will focus on.
  • Must hold a minimum of one fundraising event each year.
  • Must submit to SCI 30 percent of the net proceeds from their largest fundraising event each year. If more than one event is held, only one 30 percent contribution is required. A minimum dollar amount is required based on the number of years the chapter has been in operation.  All moneys raised above the 30 percent are to be used by the Chapter as they direct in fulfilling the mission of the Chapter.
  • Must fund a minimum of three (3) Chapter projects each year in the areas of education, humanitarian services or conservation. Again, these are typically done on a local level, thereby keeping the money raised in the local community.
  • Must submit a Chapter Annual Report each year.
  • Must file IRS form 990, 990N or 990EZ each year with the IRS and copy SCI on it.
Contact us today to receive documents and information to start an SCI Chapter.
SCI? Yes. But not just SCI.

Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation [Life]
American Mountain Men [Life]
B.A.S.S. [Life]
Dallas Safari Club [Life]
Game Rangers Association of Africa
Gun Owners of America [Life]
National Rifle Association [Life Endowment]
Professional Hunters Association South Africa
Safari Club International [Life]
SCI Hawaii Chapter
SCI Kenai Chapter [Life]
SCI Louisiana Chapter
Trout Unlimited [Life]
Wild Sheep Foundation [Life]

I believe it’s critically important to support organizations that work to protect the things I enjoy from the fun police. If they have local chapters or conventions that’s great, but they get my support regardless. I encourage everyone to take a similar viewpoint and support whomever you can.
Wife and I are both Life Members!!
Yes sir. I plan on upgrading to a life member before the next convention.
We’re having a get together in Brent on Saturday, unfortunately the RSVP time has passed. The next chapter meeting will be in June. It would be great to meet some others on the forum.
Cheers, H. A.
Thanks for the info, I have only found one chapter that has a website and it is too far away to be actively engaged with.
June might work for a road trip, depends when, that is the start of scalloping season and I make some good money as part of my charter business then. Shoot me some dates if you can.
Yes I am, but not a life member.
Life Member and a very active part of our local Chapter.
Life member of both SCI and DSC since the early 2000's.
I am glad you asked this question.

I am not a member of SCI because:

1) We dont have SCI chapter in my country.
2) The closest English speaking SCI chapter, for me would be 2 hours by plane from me, SCI chapter UK

So, this brings me to next question:
Is there option for overseas members? How would that work? I would appreciate any advice.

They used to do an international one for people who lived where no chapters etc....maybe email them....and not sure if the uk chapter is still going or not...went to a couple of their functions years ago
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I went all in with a life membership after a happenstance meeting on a Mexican Gould's hunt who was an annual member, and current lifetime member. Never questioned joining in the least. I am also a certified measurer, and encourage everyone to consider becoming that and / or master measurer accordingly.

Sporting t-shirts, ball caps, stickers on rifle cases and the like encourage conversation with those that are not members but have been considering it. My interaction with board member Gary on that hunt sealed the deal if you will.

As a member and talking with people about what SCI is, does, and who we are, all goes a long way. Join, be an advocate, and chat up other hunters I say.

My two bits!

Is the North Texas Chapter dead? Anyone know?
I was excited to see it is in Arlington, but the website looks to be updated as recently as 2019.
SCI- Life Member
Dallas Safari Club- Life Member
NRA- Life Member
MS Bowhunters Assn- Life Member
Pope & Young- Regular Member

I strongly believe in hunting related organizations that protect hunting sports and support wildlife conservation.

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