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  1. Philip Glass

    Best Duty Free DFW-DOH-JNB?

    There are some in my group who would like to bring their favorite bottle to camp. With all the cancellations I find myself, after 15 trips, on a totally new route to Africa! If we are going to hit the duty free shops for a bottle of whiskey, scotch, etc which one should we choose? I would assume...
  2. Philip Glass

    AH Get Together In San Angelo SCI Banquet 2021

    We have a fantastic banquet coming up soon so I thought why not make it an AH get together! San Angelo Chapter of SCI is the #2 Chapter for fundraising currently. We have a huge live auction, silent auction, and the best bucket raffles as well. We have a truly upscale event to rival any you’ve...
  3. Philip Glass

    Swarovski EL Range 10X42 Binos

    I am selling my Swaro binos. These have been on very few hunts and are in good condition. The EL Range has great glass and an amazing range finder. I have used it to set up my shooting ranges and it has worked well. I love Swarovski and have many binos, scopes, and a spotting scope and have...
  4. Philip Glass

    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    I am finally ready to upgrade my Swarovski EL Range binos for one of the new models. I have looked at extensively and nearly bought the Leica Geovid 3200 10x42 binos last year. They have had this technology for years but just last year came out with bluetooth connectivity to not only their app...
  5. Philip Glass

    For Sale Fausti Limited Edition SCI Gun Of The Year

    I have a limited edition Fausti 12g for sale. This is the Progress GLX and is a limited edition and was SCI gun of the year. It has the SCI logo engraved on it. It comes with everything! This is brand new and has never been fired. A real collectors item! $1500
  6. Philip Glass

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    We are always discussing calibers for hunting PG in Africa here on AH so I had an idea. There is always the discussion of getting guys to move up in caliber a bit from their typical deer hunting rounds to have a little more knock down power for the much tougher African game. Actually it is...
  7. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    I have a brief rundown of the various shooting sticks here and discuss their application in preparing for your next safari. I believe shooting and hunting off sticks regularly is the best safari prep a person can do. Regards, Philip PS Checkout how little recoil there is from my Tikka 7mm Mag...
  8. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning - 3 Things

    Here is my latest Safari Planning video. As most of us are just planning and not getting to hunt this year I though it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on what is important to do ahead of time. These videos are not meant to answer all possible questions on Safari Planning but more to...
  9. Philip Glass

    For Sale Military Grade Thermal Scope

    L3 Insight - Military Grade Thermal Weapon Sight The Light Weapon Thermal Sight (LWTS) is an extremely versatile thermal imaging solution. This clip-on system mounts in front of your day optics and allows you to view your reticle over the thermal image. In addition, it can be used as a handheld...
  10. Philip Glass

    For Sale M1 Carbine Fully Transferrable Machine Gun

    I have a Winchester M1/M2 Carbine in very good condition for sale. This is a fully transferrable machine gun anyone can own. I am not a dealer, just a collector and have this one rifle for sale at this time. These are very limited in availability and a very good investment. Most guns go down in...
  11. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning & Air Travel

    A video with tips for long flights and planning for safari!

    First Timer African Safari Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Thank you for the suggestion @sierraone! I thought this could be a great idea to start a thread that is like a road map for first timers to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. In this thread members can put their thoughts and suggestion from personal experience or from patterns that they have...
  13. Philip Glass

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    Here is a video explaining ten items I can't do without on a typical day on safari. I hope this helps not only in planning your next safari but also dreaming of your next great hunt! Philip
  14. Philip Glass

    Kahles Red Dot

    Here are some pics of my KGun with the new Kahles red dot sight installed by J.J. Perodeau. He is brilliant! Regards, Philip
  15. Philip Glass

    Safari Club International Convention 2021

    I thought I’d get this thread going and keep it updated as we get more details. Great video and you can sign up for updates to registration for Convention on this page.
  16. Philip Glass

    Packing For Safari - My Video

    Packing for Safari - My Video Here is a video we put together about packing for Safari. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Philip Glass

    CAMEROON: Cameroon Savanna Hunting Safari

    Cameroon Savanna Safari As with any great adventure this one was long in the planning. I booked my Lord Derby Eland hunt with The Hunting Consortium at SCI last year. Plans were made for me to hunt with Faro Coron Safaris in Cameroon on the Faro River. The only thing about using an agent is...
  18. Philip Glass

    USA: New Mexico Lion Hunt

    I always seem to find some kind of controversy no matter what path I take. Last year I was keen to go on a mountain lion hunt and booked a hunt in New Mexico with Global Sporting Safaris for this year. Being about 7 hours drive from the hunting area I booked this hunt to be an on call hunt so...
  19. Philip Glass

    Airline Apps-Bag Tracking Feature

    One of the best things to come along for traveling hunters in my opinion is the Airline Apps baggage tracking feature. Knowing your gun case was scanned onto the plane is a great reassurance that as you kick back for that first movie and adult beverage all is well with your bags! Just make sure...
  20. Philip Glass

    My Lion...Finally!

    Finally got my lion mounted from my 2016 Safari in Zim.
  21. Philip Glass

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    I booked my Mongolia hunt with The Hunting Consortium and decided to not only hunt the two Ibex that inhabit this country but the beautiful Siberian Roe Deer as well. I flew from DFW to Seoul to Ulaanbator Mongolia then overnighted in a hotel. The next day we flew to Khovd to the Altai...
  22. Philip Glass

    AGENT: Ripped Off!

    Global Sporting Safaris, Inc. is a booking agency that you may have heard of. I unfortunately booked a mountain lion hunt with them for this fall. I got a call today from the outfitter telling me the unfortunate news that GSS has gone bankrupt and he has not been paid any of my deposit. I...
  23. Philip Glass

    R8 Custom Barrels-Dream Come True!

    I just found this custom barrel manufacturer of Blaser R8 barrels. I have ordered two of them and will report on this thread how well they shoot for me. I am having a .375 Ruger and 6.5 PRC made now. They have good prices and turn around times are very good. Blaser has such an antiquated and...
  24. Philip Glass

    NAMIBIA: Hunting Namibia With Aru Game Lodges

    I have just returned from another great adventure to my favorite country. I have done most of my international hunts by myself so this was a nice change of pace. I had a group of 7 hunters including my 13 year old son going with me to Namibia for the first time. We flew from SJT-DFW-ATL-JNB-WDH...
  25. Philip Glass

    .416 Ruger For Sale

    I hate to sell a gun but I won a Kimber Caprivi in .416 Rem recently and have decided to part with my trusty .416 Ruger. This is the gun I used in the film Trophy to take my elephant and buffalo. It has been accurized by Hill Country Rifles and shoots and feeds very well. The process Hill...
  26. Philip Glass

    Elephant & Lion Imports Resume!

    NY Times article states USFWS has opened the way for elephant and lion trophy imports. This is great news and SCI and NRA both fought hard in court for this. Regards, Philip U.S. Lifts Ban on Some Elephant and Lion...
  27. Philip Glass

    New Reflex Sight

    New reflex sight from Swaro/Kahles. I just took a look at one possibly for my .470 at the Wild Sheep Convention. Very well made. What do the double rifle experts think of this and other reflex sights? Philip...
  28. Philip Glass

    Recoil Reducers?

    Here we are. We all want to shoot big African or as we called them as children "Elephant Guns". We all want to do this and have the recoil of a .243. Thats not possible so what is possible? There are many recoil reducers but what actually works? I wish there was someone who would actually do a...
  29. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: Small Cats & Small Antelope Safari

    I was hunting in Kwa Zulu Natal in RSA for my rhino but the original plan was a small cats and small antelope Safari. Having hunted lion and leopard it was time for me to pursue the small cats of Africa and I had a start on the Tiny Ten and wanted to try for a few more. I actually bought a...
  30. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Rhino Hunt

    Its been years in the making and finally the opportunity came along at the right time for me. I was trying to decide between a green hunt and an actual rhino hunt. The Vitadart hunt that is now popular does not appeal to me since the hunter does not get to actually tranquilize the animal. I...
  31. Philip Glass

    Sometimes If You Keep Crap Long Enough...

    As I was feverishly getting ready for my safari next week I found something unexpected. I was looking for some winter clothes as it will be cold in RSA where I am hunting. As I madly searched the attic I found my old gun case. It happens to be the hard side case I took with me in 1997 on my...
  32. Philip Glass

    Pick the right airline

    Here is an excerpt from a recent hunting article on Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan. My questions are: did they use a travel agent? Why did they take Air France? The best way to travel to most of Central Asia is on the gun friendly Turkish Airlines. Regardless of what is said on forums Air France can...
  33. Philip Glass

    Trip Case App

    I Recently booked my airfare to RSA with Travel With Guns. This is the first time I have worked with Steve and his staff. Having met Steve several times at the shows and attending a recent seminar given by him I made the decision to give him a try. I have used several different travel agents...
  34. Philip Glass

    Best .223 bullet for African small game?

    I am off to RSA in August to hunt small cats and Pygmy antelope. I’ve chosen to take my Ruger American rifle in 5.56/.223(Leupold red dot scope). I am trying to decide on the best ammo to get the job done and not do too much pelt damage. I’ve hunted gray fox here recently and the 55gr Hornady...
  35. Philip Glass

    New 2018 Polaris Ranger Crew For Sale

    I just won a raffle for a new 2018 Polaris Ranger 900 Crew in Sage Green. Only problem is I already have one just like it! I must sell this brand new machine (it is still at dealership). I have driven most all UTV’s on the market and for me as a rancher and hunter the Polaris Ranger is the best...
  36. Philip Glass

    Great Time At SCI!

    I had a great week at SCI. I was shocked and amazed that I was recognized at the Beretta Awards Banquet for my role in Trophy. J. Alain Smith told a bit about the film, recognized me for my efforts, and had me stand and be recognized. Before I could sit down Jim Shockey shook my hand and...
  37. Philip Glass

    My Trophy Room/Guest Lodge

    Here are just a few pics of my trophy room. I just got the giraffe up and that was quite a job! Still have to figure out how to get croc on the wall. Can't wait to get the lion standing on the mantle. It is a work in progress and quite a few trophies at the taxidermist still. Our lodge has two...
  38. Philip Glass

    Trophy on CNN

    Trophy the documentary film will air on CNN on Sunday January 14th at 9PM Eastern Time. It will be somewhat shorter due to commercials of course. I will be doing a live TV interview in the days prior. I will post more details as they come available. Trophy will be for sale on iTunes beginning...
  39. Philip Glass

    ZIMBABWE: Leopard Charge My Nightmare In Zimbabwe

    Earlier this year as I was planning a third try for leopard I figured it was time to change tactics. I got in contact with Martin Pieters and told him I wanted a hound hunt in Zim. We debated the pros and cons and decided to hire PH Scott Bailey from Bulawayo to guide me in the Matopos area for...
  40. Philip Glass

    So They Want A Lock In Each Hole?

    You probably know that TSA is now requiring a lock in every hole on your gun case. That sounds like an inconvenience to me so....... I hate regulations and yes its hot in Texas! Regards, Philip
  41. Philip Glass

    I Can't Wait.......

    I can't wait, its one week to go. I can't wait to pack it up and get gone! I can't wait to shoot my .375 a final time, I can't wait to count and weigh my ammo, again... I can't wait to make that final decision on what I really NEED to take, I can't wait to pack my bags checking my list at least...
  42. Philip Glass

    Trophy - The Film

    So it begins.... the reviews of the documentary film I am in about Trophy Hunting. These first reviews are from the Sundance film festival. They are not at all nice to me and that is to be expected. Hollywood is full of morons! But I do need the support of hunters as I travel through this...
  43. Philip Glass

    ZIMBABWE: Philip Glass On Safari With Martin Pieters

    I spent most of April in Zimbabwe with Martin Pieters Safaris. I hunted the Omay which is a 2 million acre Campfire area that Martin Pieters has hunted for many years. I was after lion, leopard, hyena, sable, crocodile, bushbuck, waterbuck, klipspringer, grysbuck, and others. We were on the...