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    Are You A Member of SCI?

    SCI is leading the charge in ever aspect of protecting hunters rights and conserving wildlife and wild lands for future generations. Are you a member? Why not? Please consider becoming a Life Member like myself today. Take a look at this:
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    Who's Flying Qatar This Year?

    I'll be fortunate once again to fly in Qatar's QSuite business class for our Zimbabwe Safari this July. My youngest son Jasper is graduating HS so the hunt and the plane ride are a bit of a graduation present. After seeing sky high prices for Delta and Qatar I was becoming discouraged about the...
  3. Philip Glass

    DSC Convention with Friends

    We all enjoyed the 11th annual AH dinner and get together at Gilleys! DSC this year was bittersweet as the convention leaves Texas for 5 years. It was good to catch up with old friends! See y’all in Nashville. Regards Philip
  4. Philip Glass

    Another Nod to the R8

    On Christmas Day, after all the gift giving and prime rib eating, we decided to get my 17yo son on sticks with my .375 Ruger barrel (topped with the Z8 1.7-13.3X that we discussed at length in my DG scopes video) on his Blaser R8 Pro S to get ready for our buffalo hunt in Zim. He has shot up all...
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    My Take on Dangerous Game Scopes

    Here is a video where I discuss my journey in finding the ultimate DG scope. Bombs away!
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    Leica Geovid PRO 10x32

    I am selling my like new Leica Geovid PRO 10x32 binoculars. These are the new compact version of their excellent line of range finding binos. These have all the technology built into them to make longer shots a breeze. You just download the Leica app and connect it to the binos via Bluetooth and...
  7. Philip Glass

    ZIMBABWE: Pain & Perseverance In The Omay

    August 10-19, 2023 My third trip to the Omay was to be for leopard and possibly buffalo. I would have some companions on this trip which was to make for a fun time. @TOBY458 would be making his second appearance in the Omay and I would have @Rare Breed , Craig Hodnett (AKA the foot terrorist)...
  8. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting South Africa With Frontier Safaris

    What can I say about my 18th trip to Africa and my 5th hunt with Frontier Safaris? I've been so many places over the years and have hunted with so many quality outfitters. It has always been a good time. However when I have a group of folks wanting to go in their first safari I know there is one...
  9. Philip Glass

    NAMIBIA: Hunting Namibia With Frontier Safaris

    Hunting Namibia with Frontier Safaris I departed June 6th along with my wife and four other couples for Namibia. We were all booked in to hunt 10 Days with Frontier Safaris on their 130,000 acre Daweb Sud game farm in southern Namibia near Keetmanshoop. It was a very attractive package that the...
  10. Philip Glass

    .375 Cal Suppressor anyone?

    I love Thunderbeast Arms suppressors. So much so that I did a video of the Ultra 5. I have always wanted a quality .375 suppressor for hunting But there seems to be few on the market. I contacted Thunderbeast and they said they could make a run of Dominus (7", Titanium) in .375 if there was...
  11. Philip Glass

    Safari Club Convention 2024 Updates

    I wanted to start a thread about the SCI Convention, which will be January 31-February 3rd in Nashville, and provide updates for those who may not be a member or just may not be in the loop on the latest. Convention Registration is not yet open. Hotel Reservations just opened for Life Members...
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    Philip Glass on TIA

    I have two episodes on This Is Africa on the Sportsman’s channel now. The first one is buffalo and hyena in Zimbabwe. The next is tuskless elephant and is the season ending teaser leading up to the Tanzania safari that will air first next season. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
  13. Philip Glass

    SCI Convention 2023

    We spent the whole week at he SCI Convention in Nashville. We attended all the evening banquets and took in a couple of seminars. I volunteered on the exhibitor and attendee welcome teams and enjoyed that. It was great, as usual, to see our friends from around the world and meet some news ones...
  14. Philip Glass

    My Hunting Suppressors

    Here is a video I created recently about my hunting suppressors. There are many, many misconceptions about suppressors. There are also many that don't understand the process and don't know of the far superior hunting suppressors on the market now. What has kept you from hunting with a...
  15. Philip Glass

    USA: Finally Got Big One!

    I've never taken a really big trophy Whitetail although ive hunted my whole life. After years of intensive management this buck came my way. This is a home raised buck and one ive seen near my home for a few years now,
  16. Philip Glass

    Trip Report Zimbabwe & Tanzania 2022

    Trip Report - Zimbabwe & Tanzania 2022 I had organized a group of hunters for a 10 day hunt in Zimbabwe and then fairly last minute for me I booked a hunt in Tanzania as well. It would be another 10 day hunt immediately following the Zimbabwe hunt. This made for an interesting flight itinerary...
  17. Philip Glass

    ZIMBABWE: Dalton & York Safaris - My Return To The Omay

    After an epic lion hunt in 2016, I knew I would someday return to the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe for another safari. At some point, I decided I would begin planning a return to the Omay and take a few others along with me to share the experience. A safari of this nature does take a bit of...
  18. Philip Glass

    Selecting A Safari Outfitter

    Here is my latest video with some thoughts to consider as you select an outfitter and plan a safari. This is directed towards a typical plains game safari that you would find in South Africa or Namibia.
  19. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: Frontier Safaris - Eastern Cape Safari 2022

    Frontier Safaris - Eastern Cape Safari 2022 It has been a real joy for me to organize groups of hunters to join me on safari. Whether it is South Africa, Namibia, or Zimbabwe I have enjoyed bringing others along with me to share this adventure of a lifetime. This hunt has been planned for a...
  20. Philip Glass

    Trip report AA-Qatar-Airlink

    Trip report AA-Qatar-Airlink SJT-DFW on American Airlines DFW-DOH-JNB on Qatar - A350-1000 & 777 JNB-PLZ on Airlink - Embraer E190 SJT departure AA 3953 1h 8m: AA agents in San Angelo were much trouble for us on check in. First of all the woman checking me in was asking for a RSA rifle permit...
  21. Philip Glass

    Qatar Resumes Namibia Flights

    Qatar Airlines will resume flights to Windhoek in June. They will start with 3 days a week and then add more in time. I am hoping to take this route next year. Have you flown Qatar to Namibia?
  22. Philip Glass

    Philip Glass On Round The Fire Podcast

    Here is a podcast I did on hunting Africa. I hope you enjoy it!
  23. Philip Glass

    The Best Shooting Sticks!

    I couldn’t wait for the hunting conventions to handle and purchase the new Blaser Carbon Shooting Stick 2.0. It took some time to get these since they came from Germany but it was well worth the wait. I have to say Blaser has done it again. They have a product unlike any on the market today. The...
  24. Philip Glass

    I turned 50 but I still rock!

    Jennifer and I went back and forth on whether or not to have a big 50th birthday party for me. We decided we should have a big night for the big bday! She organized everything and I am thankful for that. We had Peter Furler, fresh off the United tour with Newsboys (founder but now solo) along...
  25. Philip Glass

    Santa Knows Safari!

    Santa was determined to get everyone set for the next safari. Jennifer and Jasper are set to travel with me and my group of 14 hunters to the Eastern Cape in June for a 10 day PG Safari with Frontier Safaris. Jasper, 15 years old, received a Pelican Air suitcase while the lovely Jennifer got an...
  26. Philip Glass

    Wanted .375 Ruger Brass

    I am needing 50 or more new or once fired .375 Ruger brass. I am trying to get components put together for my custom ammo manufacturer, Safari Arms, to make me some more ammo for my Zim safari next year. Thanks to this community for always being there for one another! Regards, Philip
  27. Philip Glass

    Outdoor Drive Podcast-Philip Glass

    Here I am discussing hunting Africa on the Outdoor Drive Podcast. enjoy! Philip
  28. Philip Glass

    Qatar to Zim!

    Qatar announced new service to directly compete with Emirates. They will serve Zambia and Zimbabwe with the same flight much like Emirates does. This is just one more option for those of us traveling to these destinations and puts price pressure on that big airline that flies out of ATL...
  29. Philip Glass

    Best Duty Free DFW-DOH-JNB?

    There are some in my group who would like to bring their favorite bottle to camp. With all the cancellations I find myself, after 15 trips, on a totally new route to Africa! If we are going to hit the duty free shops for a bottle of whiskey, scotch, etc which one should we choose? I would assume...
  30. Philip Glass

    AH Get Together In San Angelo SCI Banquet 2021

    We have a fantastic banquet coming up soon so I thought why not make it an AH get together! San Angelo Chapter of SCI is the #2 Chapter for fundraising currently. We have a huge live auction, silent auction, and the best bucket raffles as well. We have a truly upscale event to rival any you’ve...
  31. Philip Glass

    Swarovski EL Range 10X42 Binos

    I am selling my Swaro binos. These have been on very few hunts and are in good condition. The EL Range has great glass and an amazing range finder. I have used it to set up my shooting ranges and it has worked well. I love Swarovski and have many binos, scopes, and a spotting scope and have...
  32. Philip Glass

    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    I am finally ready to upgrade my Swarovski EL Range binos for one of the new models. I have looked at extensively and nearly bought the Leica Geovid 3200 10x42 binos last year. They have had this technology for years but just last year came out with bluetooth connectivity to not only their app...
  33. Philip Glass

    For Sale Fausti Limited Edition SCI Gun Of The Year

    I have a limited edition Fausti 12g for sale. This is the Progress GLX and is a limited edition and was SCI gun of the year. It has the SCI logo engraved on it. It comes with everything! This is brand new and has never been fired. A real collectors item! $1500
  34. Philip Glass

    I’ve Got An Idea!

    We are always discussing calibers for hunting PG in Africa here on AH so I had an idea. There is always the discussion of getting guys to move up in caliber a bit from their typical deer hunting rounds to have a little more knock down power for the much tougher African game. Actually it is...
  35. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    I have a brief rundown of the various shooting sticks here and discuss their application in preparing for your next safari. I believe shooting and hunting off sticks regularly is the best safari prep a person can do. Regards, Philip PS Checkout how little recoil there is from my Tikka 7mm Mag...
  36. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning - 3 Things

    Here is my latest Safari Planning video. As most of us are just planning and not getting to hunt this year I though it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on what is important to do ahead of time. These videos are not meant to answer all possible questions on Safari Planning but more to...
  37. Philip Glass

    For Sale Military Grade Thermal Scope

    L3 Insight - Military Grade Thermal Weapon Sight The Light Weapon Thermal Sight (LWTS) is an extremely versatile thermal imaging solution. This clip-on system mounts in front of your day optics and allows you to view your reticle over the thermal image. In addition, it can be used as a handheld...
  38. Philip Glass

    For Sale M1 Carbine Fully Transferrable Machine Gun

    I have a Winchester M1/M2 Carbine in very good condition for sale. This is a fully transferrable machine gun anyone can own. I am not a dealer, just a collector and have this one rifle for sale at this time. These are very limited in availability and a very good investment. Most guns go down in...
  39. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning & Air Travel

    A video with tips for long flights and planning for safari!

    First Timer African Safari Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Thank you for the suggestion @sierraone! I thought this could be a great idea to start a thread that is like a road map for first timers to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. In this thread members can put their thoughts and suggestion from personal experience or from patterns that they have...
  41. Philip Glass

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    Here is a video explaining ten items I can't do without on a typical day on safari. I hope this helps not only in planning your next safari but also dreaming of your next great hunt! Philip
  42. Philip Glass

    Kahles Red Dot

    Here are some pics of my KGun with the new Kahles red dot sight installed by J.J. Perodeau. He is brilliant! Regards, Philip
  43. Philip Glass

    Safari Club International Convention 2021

    I thought I’d get this thread going and keep it updated as we get more details. Great video and you can sign up for updates to registration for Convention on this page.
  44. Philip Glass

    Packing For Safari - My Video

    Packing for Safari - My Video Here is a video we put together about packing for Safari. Hope you enjoy!
  45. Philip Glass

    CAMEROON: Cameroon Savanna Hunting Safari

    Cameroon Savanna Safari As with any great adventure this one was long in the planning. I booked my Lord Derby Eland hunt with The Hunting Consortium at SCI last year. Plans were made for me to hunt with Faro Coron Safaris in Cameroon on the Faro River. The only thing about using an agent is...
  46. Philip Glass

    USA: New Mexico Lion Hunt

    I always seem to find some kind of controversy no matter what path I take. Last year I was keen to go on a mountain lion hunt and booked a hunt in New Mexico with Global Sporting Safaris for this year. Being about 7 hours drive from the hunting area I booked this hunt to be an on call hunt so...
  47. Philip Glass

    Airline Apps-Bag Tracking Feature

    One of the best things to come along for traveling hunters in my opinion is the Airline Apps baggage tracking feature. Knowing your gun case was scanned onto the plane is a great reassurance that as you kick back for that first movie and adult beverage all is well with your bags! Just make sure...
  48. Philip Glass

    My Lion...Finally!

    Finally got my lion mounted from my 2016 Safari in Zim.
  49. Philip Glass

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    I booked my Mongolia hunt with The Hunting Consortium and decided to not only hunt the two Ibex that inhabit this country but the beautiful Siberian Roe Deer as well. I flew from DFW to Seoul to Ulaanbator Mongolia then overnighted in a hotel. The next day we flew to Khovd to the Altai...
  50. Philip Glass

    AGENT: Ripped Off!

    Global Sporting Safaris, Inc. is a booking agency that you may have heard of. I unfortunately booked a mountain lion hunt with them for this fall. I got a call today from the outfitter telling me the unfortunate news that GSS has gone bankrupt and he has not been paid any of my deposit. I...