A Push Feed Rifle Or A Control Round Feed Rifle?

Doug Hamilton

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Mar 1, 2020
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I have to say that, based on my experience, I agree. I have killed a couple of dozen bucks, two pronghorns, a wild boar and a bunch of coyotes with push-feed actions with no real problems.
When I went to Africa, I bought a Whitworth Express in .458 Winchester Mag. with a Mauser action. One day I shot a buffalo and we had to follow up. The bull set up an ambush but the PH spotted him and I put another in the boiler room. He turned and went back into the brush, then death bellowed. As we cautiously approached, the PH saw the bull through a hole in the brush and shot. He was using a push-feed action Winchester. The bull dropped at the shot and we snuck in. The PH motioned for me to wait about 10 yards back as he went in from the front. At about 10 feet he could see that the bull was watching him and as he was thriving up the rifle the buff made one jump, was on his feet and starting to charge. I heard the PH pull the trigger, and click on an empty chamber. I pulled on the shoulder and then went just forward where the book said the spine was (hey, at least I was a well read client) and broke the bull's neck, putting him down in a cloud of dust.
After we were sure that the drama was over, the PH was messing with his rifle. He closed the bolt and fired a shot into the dead buffalo. I asked what had happened and he said that he'd taken the last shot and ejected the shell, but the rifle had failed to feed up a new round. He had pulled the trigger on an empty chamber. Now could this have happened if I had used a push-feed and he had used a controlled-round action? Maybe, but it didn't. I will always use controlled-round action for dangerous game.

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Apr 10, 2020
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I have to say I have never given it much thought but I guess if my life depended upon it I would want a CRF if hunting dangerous game. I honestly admit to never having a problem with either one in all my years of use. I must confess that my favorite bolt actions rifles are all CRF although that is not the reason they are favored. Here in America I guess the only place it would matter is in Alaska hunting the coastal brown bears or interior grizzly.



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