A Lioness and a Klipspringer


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Feb 7, 2012
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We hunted the Kalihari region of South AFrica for our lioness and was it a hunt of a lifetime. A 50,000 acre concession 160 kilometers from the nearest town and at a dead end road! Talk about out in the middle of nowhere. I was fortunate enough to kill a massive lioness with a 42 yard shot. WE pushed and stalked them and they us for about 3 hours before my lioness stood her ground under an Acacia tree and let us know she was not happy with our prescence by repeatedly doing very low and loud and quick growls. The PH's with us told me she had a 99% chance of charging us. No time for nerves. We circled the tree to get a clear shot and she continued to growl and positioned herself for a possible charge by digging her rearend into the dirt. We finally found a small opening at 42 yards and I placed the shot exactly where my Ph said I had to hit her. She roared, jumped into the air, swappend ends and head away from us to our right. She only made it 20 yards before she began to wobbly and another 20 before she layed against a samll tree and took her 4 last breaths. Estimated weight was over 400#'s and nose to tail was between 10' and 11'. This was a massive animal and a hunt of a lifetime that I will never forget. Spot and stalk on teh ground and a long full paas thru one shot kill on a beautiful lioness.

I then got a chance to hunt the Waterburg Mountains and shot a very old, mature Klipspringer yesterday that is going to have horns pushing 5".

Very fortunate to have killed these 2 animals that are on opposite ends of the weight and size scale.

Hopefully we can get a Black Wildebeest on a spot and stalk this evening.

Congrats, and good luck with the Black Wildebeest. Thanks for the pics and the story.
Congrats Mudslinger Great start, who are you hunting with? Good luck on your Black Wildebeest those are some tough animals.
Very well done, good luck with the Black. Both are great trophies.
Sounds like you are having a good time. Black Wildebeest is one of my favorite "uglies". I cant wait to hang mine on my wall.
Congrats, those are some nice trophies.
Mudslinger - Awesome. What a wonderful hunt. Sweet. Nice shooting buddy.
Those are two fantastic trophies! Congrats!
My best friend Monty and I finished our hunt in style by taking, if you can believe it, 4 Bushbucks on the Limpopo River all on walk and stalk hunts. Monty started the carnage with a 31 yard shot on a great Bushbuck and I followed with a 40 yard shot on a very old mature Bushbuck. These Bushbuck finished our Spiral Slams and were our PH's first clients to finish the Slam. I got extremely lucky and took a second Bushbuck very late that same evening with a 50 yard shot on a second concession. Monty finished this amazing taking of the Bushbucks with a 20 yard shot on another trophy Bushbuck the day after we killed the first 3. To say this was an amazing time is not doing it justice. I did not get a Black Wildebeest on this hunt, but I did try several stalks over about 3 or 4 days, but that justs gives me something to go back and hunt. The first pic is of our first 2 Bushbucks, the second of my 2nd Bushbuck and the last is of Monty's last Bushbuck.



How cool is that? What a thrill to hunt and kill those Bushbuck. Sweet!
You guys did great mudslinger the Bushbuck and Eland are on my list to finish my spiral horn slam on my next trip. Congrats!
Great job, Stalking lions must have been exciting, some great trophies you guys took.
Great job on the Bushbuck!
Congrats for a great hunt and very nice trophies, you were really lucky on those bushbuck !

Thanks for sharing.
Awesome trophies! Really special with a bow as well.
Well done Mudslinger!
Great job! All looked like amazing animals.
Nice!! Good shooting, and I know you are mad because you have to go back! :D
top mjob mudslinger to walk up a lioness is just mind blowing the pucker factor must of been right up there .
and then stalk 2 bush bucks each is fantastic
congrats to both of you

Congratulations to you and your friend!:thumb: :beer:

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2 more jackal , one was a big male!

We had another bushfire on a neighbours place we need some summer rain!