4 Stable Sticks Ultimate Carbon Shooting Sticks - $179.95 + Free shipping ($100 Off)


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If you're in the market for some shooting sticks, we are doing a sale on 4 Stable Sticks Ultimate Carbon Shooting Sticks.

This quad stick design is made in France. They're made out of Carbon Fiber (top of the line model) and they're also travel (suitcase) compatible).

Weight: 22 oz
Material: Carbon Fiber
Adjustable from 118cm to 168cm
Use: Approach, Twinning, Classic bipod, Monopod

$179.95 (free shipping)

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What is the weight difference over the aluminum model? I have a pair of the aluminum version and they are excellent.
What is the weight difference over the aluminum model? I have a pair of the aluminum version and they are excellent.
I think it's about half a pound and it looks like the carbon have more adjustment points for shooting from different positions.
Just ordered also. Looking forward to a couple of grandsons learning how to shoot from sticks.
Thanks for the orders. We had 18. About half are gone. They’ll ship out about Thursday after we get some more boxes delivered that fit them properly.
I got mine ordered too.

Your order number is 4155 (y) (y)
Are you sold out? I'm just getting a Notify Me tab on your link. Would like to order a set
Just tried to order a set, seems to be sold out.
Gents, we are sold out of the Carbon sticks. Thanks for the orders on those. We are expecting some of the other variants in the very near future. We will be running some great deals on them as well. We also plan to start international shipping in 2024. We will look into shipping sticks outside the US if more folks are interested.

More deals and surprises on the horizon—

Thanks for your business.
Darn! The wife always asks what I want for Christmas and I usually say "nothing" as I really don't need anything.

This time, however, I was going to suggest she buy me a set of these carbon shooting sticks given the great price.

You snooze, you lose.

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