1. H

    About the meat from a safari...

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and to hunting outside of the normal deer population in Massachusetts. I was wondering about Africa and the amazing hunting safari's a few friends have talked about going on in the next 5 years or so. I'm a hunt for food kind of person, and love eating "exotic"...
  2. Hunting Seal

    Hunting Seal

  3. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Non-Trophy Hunting Package

    NON-TROPHY HUNTING PACKAGE MUST BE: 2x hunting buddies during the same hunting period You love hunting, have no desire to keep trophies, want to gather memories of an African safari, then this package is for YOU. Game species to be hunted will be non-trophies (management purposes) and are...
  4. Tom Hawk

    Are supportive of Market hunting

    You may remember market hunting as unsustainable, however with proper regulation, recreational hunting was made sustainable. There are certain places where it could be nessecary. Feral hogs for example. Also, would you like heritage hunting species to be turned into livestock? Farmed venison and...
  5. Tom Hawk

    1909 Roosevelt Expedition Negative Review

    You might want to check this out You will be seething in anger The murder of Cecil, the magnificent Zimbabwean lion, is a vivid but shabby illustration of the dilemma posed by the hunter-conservationist. President Theodore...
  6. V

    Where Can I Get The Best Tactical Packs For Hunting in Australia?

    Hello Everyone, My name is John Foster from Australia can anyone please tell from where can i get the best quality tactical packs for hunting in Australia. Thanks John
  7. J

    Rare Book Collection Big Game Hunting For Sale

    Sale: 600 First Edition books that range from the Anglo Boer war to Big Game Hunting. Authors include Theodore Roosevelt, FC Selous and Dr. L Potgieter Valued at USD100 000
  8. TrophyDocumentary

    How Do We Save Endangered African Species?

    Endangered African species like elephants, rhinos, and lions march closer to extinction each year. Their devastating decline is fueled by a global desire to consume and collect these majestic animals. Trophy investigates the powerhouse businesses of big game hunting, breeding, and wildlife...
  9. Hunting Namibia's unique Landscapes

    Hunting Namibia's unique Landscapes

    Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris
  10. C

    Hello from SSG Safaris

    Hi AH Members I would like to introduce SSG Safaris to those of you whom have not hunted with us yet. SSG Safaris is Zimbabwe’s premier big game hunting safari operator company that is owned and managed by Nixon Dzingai with the help of his sons Saimon, Stephen and Gift (SSG). SSG Safaris...
  11. Unger Adendorff

    Good day to all

    Good day to all Short introduction. I Unger Adendorff am the Ph and Outfitter of Bonavenatiosafaris. We specialise in buffalo hunting, we thrive in adventure and stories to share after your hunt with us, for all the years coming. We do all sorts of hunts from the smallest animals till the big...

    POLL: Would you hunt Leopard with Dogs?

    IF YOU SUPPORT HUNTING LEOPARD WITH HOUNDS AS A METHOD ANSWER YES. It's my failure in question design, when I made the question personal and not about the method of hunting. Given the fact that the Anti's are pressuring consultants and government game departments on the subject of Hounds and...
  13. H

    Hunting in Malawi?

    End of this year my wife is headed to Lilongwe, Malawi for an exchange study-program. I'll be heading there for the last three weeks of December. As an avid hunter since 3 years and fisher since I was a kid, I'm always up for new challenges. After doing some research on Google I've found out...

    Which Countries are you planning on hunting in this year?

    To go along with the thread of what hunts are you planning this year. Sadly, there are not an unlimited number of choices. Please add the other options in your reply post. I think this will be very interesting.
  15. O

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I am a new member here and it is nice to connect with everyone :)
  16. Umlilo Safaris

    Special Hunt Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Black Springbuck & Duiker US$3,500

    6 Nights/5 Full Hunting Days. All Inclusive in price $3500 Hunting in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Please visit our website for all photos or view our latest DVD Feel free to contact me via PM or send me an email for full details
  17. Umlilo Safaris

    Meetings in CA, GA and PA - Dont miss out!!

    Hi to All Everybody that is interested is hereby invited to attend any of the 3 listed Presentations by Umlilo Safaris. We are holding these 3 meetings in areas that perhaps has not got the big shows. It will be a 45min Introduction, talk and brief by Johan Dorfling(Outfitter/Owner/Big 5PH)...
  18. Monterra Safaris

    Greetings from Monterra Safaris - Limpopo SA

    Hello from South Africa! Thank you for accepting me on this forum. I am a Professional Hunter here in South Africa and working in the bush is my absolute passion. I am the General Manager of Monterra Safaris, here on the border of South Africa and Botswana, on the Limpopo River. It is my passion...
  19. Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris

    Convention Hunt Special January & February

    Dear Africa Hunting friends! we would like to use the opportunity to invite you to come hunt with us in Namibia. We own two very well established Ranches in central Namibia and operate hunting Safaris throughout Namibia. All free-range conservation hunting areas!! Our main hunting area lies in...
  20. youssefchagoury

    WANTED: Looking For Good Woodcock Hunting Outfitter/Hunting Grounds In Scotland

    Does anyone know a good Woodcock hunting outfitter in Scotland? We are a small group of hunters with our own english pointers, looking for some excellent woodcock hunting grounds in Scotland where we can flush 50+ woodcocks per day. I would highly appreciate it if you can share your experience...
  21. Dfield

    Lessons Learned African Animals Are TOUGH

    This was my first African trip and I was hunting with Mokore Safaris. I chose Mokore Safaris after meeting PH Gary Duckworth at Dallas Safari Club a few years ago. I kept in touch with Gary over the years prior to my trip via email and I would have to say that he was one of the most...
  22. KMG Hunting Safaris

    KMG Hunting Safaris Hunt Reports: The Compendium

    Good day Gentelemen, I have compiled a list of all the hunting reports that have been posted by AH members that have hunted with us over the years. I will update this list periodically. Since we have been a sponsor of this site for a few years, I thought that anyone who have researched us and...
  23. A

    One Battle At A Time...

  24. Alpine chamois hunting with Ovini Expéditions

    Alpine chamois hunting with Ovini Expéditions

  25. Hunting deer in N-Zélande with Ovini Expéditions 2015

    Hunting deer in N-Zélande with Ovini Expéditions 2015

    This documentary is an invitation to sport hunting game that are emblematic of the Thar and red deer. At the heart of this natural sanctuary, Anthony Ovini Luc Alphand and two other hunters peaks, will meet the challenge in respect of these wild lands of the South Island.
  26. Hunting Chartreuse Chamois with Jay Link . Ovini Expéditions 2015

    Hunting Chartreuse Chamois with Jay Link . Ovini Expéditions 2015

    Chartreuse and Vercors chamois hunting with Jay Link. Jay is the owner of Link´s Wild Safaris, one of the biggest hunting agencies in the world. After our meeting in Las Vegas SCI Convention, I shared a chamois hunting in Alps with him and his daugther Kenia.
  27. Hunting Alpine IBEX Chasse du bouquetin en Suisse 2015 - 2016 With Ovini Expéditions

    Hunting Alpine IBEX Chasse du bouquetin en Suisse 2015 - 2016 With Ovini Expéditions

    Hunting ibex in the canton of Valais in Switzerland with Ovini Expeditions and world of hunting adventures 2015-2016
  28. Presentation guides of hunting by Ovini Expéditions 2015

    Presentation guides of hunting by Ovini Expéditions 2015

    Presentation of your person receiving benefits guides of hunting Ovini Expéditions, your specialist of hunting in mountain and high mountain in the alpine chamois , isards, mediteranean sheep , roe deers, in France and has the foreigner, every experiences acquired by Ovini Expéditions
  29. PeteG

    IUCN Decision On Trophy Hunting

    This is an interesting read, not sure if its been posted already though. I was talking about land use and private conservancies last night and this popped up this morning... think someone is reading my mind! Page 12 does give some interesting numbers for wildlife populations.
  30. OptimO

    Deer Hunting Video WNYA

    Last archery season we tried something different, we hunted on public land for the first time and it paid off. Deer Hunting Video
  31. OptimO

    Turkey Hunting Video WNYA

    Its that time of the year, turkey season is rapidly approaching and here is a short video clip to help set the mood. Turkey Hunting Video>>
  32. A

    Greetings from JWK Safaris

    Good day everybody, It gives us at JWK Safaris great pleasure to have become a sponsor of AH. For those that do not already know me, I am Adriaan Wepener, co-owner of JWK Safaris along with two others who are also on AH, Carl Knight and Jono Joseph. We have top concessions available to hunt...
  33. Umlilo Safaris

    Umlilo Safaris

    Please allow us an introduction to Umlilo Safaris. We are a family run Outfitter, based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. We hunt all over Southern Africa, depending on the species required by our clients. Umlilo Safaris was established in 1999 and to date have hosted over 700 international...
  34. G

    Greetings from Botswana

    Good Day My name is Gerhard Koch owner of Koch Safaris in Botswana. Although hunting on government concessions and management areas in Botswana are currently not permitted, hunting on privately own game ranches are permitted. Koch Safaris is the sole concession holders of a 143 000 ha...
  35. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Late Season Hunt Package $4,850

    We are offering the following 2016 late season hunt package. Should you wish to swap out any of the animals, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us. This hunt is available any time from 1 August - 30 November. Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris Outfitter number: HC 04/2013...
  36. ryanp

    Greetings from Rance Safaris - South Africa

    It gives us great pleasure to have joined this forum. We at Rance Safaris look forward to revitalizing as well as developing new/exciting relations within the Africa Hunting forum and the hunting community. Feel free to browse our webpage at for information...
  37. V

    Lion Taxidermy Head Mount

    As you are aware, personally owned African lion hunting trophies may not be imported into Australia unless the specimen was from an animal that was deceased prior to 1977. Does anyone have a trophy...
  38. gpelkhunter

    NAMIBIA: Hunting Trip With Christie's Adventures

    Day 1, Oct 6, 2015: Finally in Namibia. 40 hours after leaving Grande Prairie, the plane touches down in Windhoek. It's 6 am local time and the daylight is just starting to show the landscape. Low brush that is mostly brown with almost no leaves, covers the flat Savannah area, it is the end of...
  39. Matt224

    Ideas on 30.06 rounds?

    Hey Guys, I'm relatively new to AH and was hoping to get some of your guy's opinions. I'm looking for a new bullet to try out on African game. For the entirety of my hunting career I have been using basic ammo. The rifle that I currently own is a Remington 700 chambered in 30.06 (a good all...
  40. Umdende Hunting Safaris Aardvark

    Umdende Hunting Safaris Aardvark

    George has always wanted a Aardvark to complete his animal museum.
  41. Umdende Hunting Safaris Aardwolf

    Umdende Hunting Safaris Aardwolf

    Liam (Claytons son) with Georges Aardwolf
  42. Umdende Hunting Safaris Aardwolf

    Umdende Hunting Safaris Aardwolf

    Liam and George with Georges Aardwolf
  43. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Vaal Rhebuck
  44. Umdende Huntig Safaris

    Umdende Huntig Safaris

  45. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

  46. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

  47. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Brown Hyena
  48. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    A view of the bait through the scope of the rifle
  49. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Herd of Eland at one of our concessions
  50. Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Umdende Hunting Safaris

    Herd of Eland on one of our concessions