1. AjFourie

    Our campfire has started

    Hi all, Our season has kicked off and it’s been good fun to get back to hunting. Sitting at home yesterday reflecting back on the past couple of days, I went through a couple of pictures and I decided to share them with everyone here, our clients have asked not to post photos of them on any...
  2. AjFourie

    Kwalata Safaris SCI

    Good day everyone! We are all set up and ready to go in Nashville!!! Be sure to come by our booth and don’t forget to mention AH!! Kind regards Aj Fourie
  3. singleshot

    Positive Article In Forbes About African Conservation & SCI If there’s a Super Bowl of the hunting world, it’s the annual Safari Club International convention. SCI is comprised of more than 50,000 members with 180 local chapters and...
  4. AjFourie

    Nice to meet you!

    Good day everyone! I just wanted to thank all the members that came to see us at the Kwalata Safaris booth. It was great putting faces to the handles and also catching up at the AH function. For those of you that will be at the Houston Safari Club event, please come by our booth nr #359. Kind...
  5. Lex Strauss SAFARIS

    Crocodile & Bushbuck 7 Day Combo Package

    Dear Members I have a very exciting crocodile hunting package for the 2023 season. The hunt will take place on our 31 000-acre Limpopo Concession, 2 and a half hours drive from Polokwane airport in the Musina area of Limpopo. The area is 40km from the border of Zimbabwe and 1 and a half hours...
  6. Lex Strauss SAFARIS

    Lion Madness Hunting Package 5 Day (Non Export to USA)

    Dear Members We have the following 3 Lion hunting options available for 2023. The dates of this hunt need to fall between 10 June to 1 August 2023. The hunt will take place on our 24 000-acre North – West Concession, 4 hours’ drive from Kimberley Airport. The area is situated 10 Kilometers...

    Spiral Horn Hunt Slam US$9,000 All Inclusive

    SPIRAL HORN TROPHY HUNTING PACKAGE DEAL $9 000 ALL INCLUSIVE Rifle or bow This package deal includes the following trophies 1 BUSHBUCK RAM-along Limpopo river 1 KUDU BULL 1 ELAND BULL 1 NYALA BULL The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int airport, by road (vehicle)...

    Oklahoma Whitetail Hunting

    I remember when I was younger it was not uncommon to hunt all season (rifle) and not see a buck. Back then you could only shoot a doe on the last day if you were not able to fill your buck tag. Of course, you never seemed to see a doe on the last day either! Ha! Now today I hunt mostly with a...
  9. Caza y Safaris Argentina

    Red Stag Hunt in Argentina! Come Check It Out!


    Best Of The Best Hunting Package US$19,500

    BEST OF THE BEST HUNTING PACKAGE DEAL 2023 $19 500 ALL INCLUSIVE this hunt can be done with either Rifle or bow This package deal includes the following trophies 1 BUFFALO BULL 1 SABLE BULL 1 ROAN BULL 1 KUDU BULL 1 NYALA BULL 1 Jackal night hunt with thermal The package includes the...
  11. singleshot

    Rifle In 333 Jeffery Unfired

    333 Jeffery Unfired $3500 rifle, bullets, dies, cases, ammo, $60 dollars shipping Continental US I accept postal money order, PayPal or venmo Started life as a Whitworth Interarm in 375 H&H Acquired 333 Barrel that was short chambered. Acquired reamers Work done by Ernie at Gunners Sport...
  12. singleshot

    Survey do you tip the owner if he is your Professional Hunter?

    I posted this poll on another forum and I was wondering if I would get different answers on this forum. I ask if you have already completed the poll/survey on the other forum that you refrain from completing this poll. I should also ask outfitters, and PH's not to respond to the poll but free...
  13. Niassa Wildebeest.

    Niassa Wildebeest.

    Very few areas in Africa allows you to hunt one of these beautiful animals, note the white stripe across the face and much more vibrant colors than a blue wildebeest.
  14. Busy day at the waterhole.

    Busy day at the waterhole.

    We are truly blessed with amazing biodiversity. There is always something going on here...
  15. Waterbuck.


    He looks pretty darn good to me...
  16. Spotted Hyena.

    Spotted Hyena.

    Someone discovered a carcass...
  17. Kudu bull.

    Kudu bull.

    He's shaping into something real nice!
  18. Impala and Baboon.

    Impala and Baboon.

    Some meeting and greeting around the waterhole.
  19. Hippo near camp.

    Hippo near camp.

    Time to get out the water and go find some grass.
  20. Elephant herd.

    Elephant herd.

    Anti poaching teams work hard to make sure sightings like these could be enjoyed by future generations.
  21. Eland bull.

    Eland bull.

    Eland bull that came to drink in the night, good set of tracks to pick up in the morning.
  22. Bushbuck male.

    Bushbuck male.

    a Bushbuck male heading out to feed or resting up after dringking.
  23. Buffalo herd.

    Buffalo herd.

    A nice buffalo herd coming to the waterhole.
  24. Buffalo Bulls.

    Buffalo Bulls.

    A couple of bulls coming down to the waterhole.

    Double Buffalo Hunt Late Season Package US$10,000 All Inclusive

    BUFFALO BULL PLUS BUFFALO COW PACKAGE DEAL-2022 $10 000 ONLY 2 OF THESE PACKAGES AVAILABLE, ONLY FOR 2022, SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER This package deal includes the following trophies 1 Buffalo bull- UP TO 40" 1 buffalo cow The package includes the following Pick up and return to JNB int...
  26. Mafojani Safaris

    7 Day Limited Plains Game Hunt With Mafojani Safaris Limpopo South Africa All Inclusive US $2,780

    Mafojani Safaris in the Limpopo province invites you to join us on our Limited Plains Game Safaris. This is a 7 Days, 1:1 Hunter, All-Inclusive for US$2 780. Additional trophies can be included as per the current price list. Additional Hunter can be added @ US$350 per day and Observer for...
  27. MG Hunting

    Argentina Entry Requirements

    Dear all, As of April 7 2022, the requirements to enter Argentina were updated based on the evolution of the sanitary measures adopted as a result of the pandemic. Among the new requirements for entering Argentina and the new measures published by the Ministry of the Interior of the Nation...
  28. MG Hunting

    Argentina Hunting With MG Hunting || Big Game 2023

    MG Hunting - Argentina || big game 2023 Red Stag season This program takes place in our own hunting ground in the Province of La Pampa. This field has 15,000 hectares of century-old scrublands where the red stag lives among wild boars, pumas and different types of rams. In this area, animals...
  29. MG Hunting

    MG Hunting - Rut Reports 2022

    MG Hunting - Reports Being permanently related to the hunting industry is what lead us to our Family hunting company 35 years ago. Accompanied by great professionals, we have catered for many hunters safaris with high satisfaction and success rates. The great number of hunters that join us...


    Good Day AH Members For the 2022 season I would like to offer you the following Crocodile Package. The hunt will take place in the Limpopo Province of South Africa on a 5000Ha hunting area. This is a fair chase hunt on an area with an abundance of game and the crocs are roaming freely on the...

    The Full Monty With MORETLA SAFARIS 11 Animals 14 Days

    We have all realised life is short so if you planing on doing something or are going to do something give it your all as we all know the saying and have seen "You only live once so make it count" Package: x1 Buffalo Hard boss bull x1 Sable Bull x1 Kudu x1 Nyala x1 Eland x1 Waterbuck x1 Blue...
  32. S

    Peter Harris old stories

    Hi all ! My name is Savannah and I’m the daughter of a now loooong retired PH Peter Harris. The reason I’m posting is to connect with any of his old clients or other PH’s that may have trained under him and collect some stories and memories or old photos? He’s getting older and greyer and I...

    Package Hunting Deal South Africa Best Of The Best 2022

    BEST OF THE BEST PACKAGE DEAL 4 of these available for 2022 $20 500 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 sable bull - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull - 1 nyala bull can be done with bow or rifle The package includes the following - Pick up and...
  34. Wihan

    Warthog with a crossbow!

    Bye, Bye pig! A good video/killshot to start your day! Not a big pig, but my first ever harvest with the new crossbow! The Carbon Express piledriver made quick work of him, pulling up his handbrake for him! He is going to make some great cheese sausage and cheesegrillers!

    Big Boy Hunting Combo Package Deal - Buffalo x2, Giraffe x2, Roan & Kudu - US$18,000 All Inclusive

    BIG BOY HUNTING COMBO PACKAGE DEAL 1 of these available for 2021 preferably taken in September or October of 2022 $18 000 ALL-INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull plus 1 buff cow - 1 giraffe bull plus 1 giraffe cow - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull can be...
  36. Ruan Bouwer

    The Biggest Moment...

    It's a cold Saturday morning in the Free State province of South Africa. We are hunting on a good friend of my dad's farm, about a 5 hour drive from where we live. I get up, get dressed and take a handful of 300gr Norma Oryx rounds for the .375 H&H. We had a long night, so a Red Bull and two...
  37. Wihan

    Bowhunting a GIANT warthog in Africa

    I got lucky and harvested my new personal best warthog! This warthog was the perfect animal to harvest as he had only 2 lower teeth left and had just started losing condition. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to hunt at Kransberg safaris with my dad and brother! Link to the video...
  38. Wihan

    Bowhunting a GIANT Kudu Bull!! The grey ghost of Africa

    My dad hunts his very first Kudu bull with the bow! I am so proud of him! It was a giant one as well
  39. D

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kelsey & Levi First Adventure To South Africa

    This was Kelsey and Levi first trip to South-Africa. They are both adamant bowhunters who had their own list of plains game they wanted to hunt when they got here. They hunted together and took turns. Kelsey' dad, Greg Brush brought her sister to hunt with us a couple of years ago and this time...
  40. D

    Greetings from the bushveld, the heart of South-Africa!

    Greetings fellow hunters. For those who do not know Dries Visser Safaris, we would like to make use of this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Well-known and respected Outfitter, Dries Visser Safaris, is based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and a mere 40 minutes north of Thabazimbi...

    Brown Hyena Hunt With Bayly Sippel Hunting Safaris

    Good day AH Community, We are in the privileged position where we are able to offer our clients 1 Brown Hyena hunt in South Africa again for 2021. We only conduct 1 per year so as to ensure we have the highest chance at success for a client that wants to attempt this difficult hunt. The...

    Fly Camp Hunt Package US$2,400

    FLY CAMP HUNT PACKAGE $2400 At TallyHo we will offer a limited number of these down to earth experiences per season so be sure to book yours now! This down to earth package has a total, all inclusive cost of $2400- Rough itinerary (this is an indication and can be easily adapted according to...
  43. Martin Rodriguez

    SPAIN: Stag & Fallow Spain Hunt 2020

    We had a great hunting season in Spain, manage to hunt some good Stags and Fallows deers, just wanted to share the pictures hope you like them.
  44. observe

    Electrical Storm......

    Around here in the Highveld,if you are out there hunting and a big storm comes up, it can very quickly became a survival situation! November Pretoria electrical thunderstorm! Be careful .......
  45. Dove & Pigeon Hunting with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Dove & Pigeon Hunting with Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Come along with us as we take you on a summary of 2 afternoons worth of wing shooting with Bayly Sippel Safaris and our very lucky client and friend! ! There were periods on this shoot that we couldn't reload fast enough! Thank you to Michael Sippel for the editing and Dempsey Bayly for the...

    Rhino Bull Cancellation Hunt South Africa 2021

    Good day AH community! This is a very exciting prospect we are excited to put forward to you all! It is obviously with great sadness that we have had a cancelation and are not able to do the hunt with the original client however it allows a new hunter the opportunity at a wonderfully priced...
  47. AnakKampuang

    VO Vapen Rifles

    when it comes to bespoke gun making we often hear about the english gunmakers such as Holland & Holland, John Rigby & Co, James Purdey & Sons, Westley Richards, or even some German and Austrian gunmakers such as Johann Fanzoj, Ludwig Borovnik, Peter Hoffer and many more... But the name VO Vapen...
  48. AnakKampuang

    What would be your Dream Hunt!??

    i'm curious if you were given big sums of money and could afford any hunt but only one hunt, what would that ultimate hunt be? so that's that's question to my fellow AH members, what would be your dream hunt ???
  49. Wihan

    Blood spewing lung shot to seal the deal on my new PB Impala ran!

    A blood spewing lung shot sealed the deal on my new PB buck! So blessed to have been able harvest such a beautiful Impala ram! The meat is definitely not going to waste and I will cherish that hunt for a LONG time! #bowhuntingafrica #bowhunt #hunting #huntingafrica
  50. Wihan

    Impala heart shot! (With a crossbow)