1. Philip Glass

    AH Get Together In San Angelo SCI Banquet 2021

    We have a fantastic banquet coming up soon so I thought why not make it an AH get together! San Angelo Chapter of SCI is the #2 Chapter for fundraising currently. We have a huge live auction, silent auction, and the best bucket raffles as well. We have a truly upscale event to rival any you’ve...
  2. Andrew Robbins

    Hunting & Conservation - A Perspective Of An African Game Ranch Hey guys, I thought you might like this insightful write up on the link between hunting and conservation directly from an African Game Ranch. I know you all will be on board, but...
  3. PHASA

    Lions translocated to Angola from South Africa ...Conservation knows No borders!

    Attached is a project undertaken by Warthog Safaris under Supervision of Phasa !
  4. T

    Trophy Hunters - A Conservation Story - Episode 1

  5. John Ledger

    Hunting - The Key to Biodiversity Conservation in Africa

    Land use options are critical in determining the future of Africa's rich biodiversity and diverse habitats. As a life-long conservationist, and past Director of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) from 1985 to 2002, I have always seen sustainable utilisation of wildlife as one of the most...
  6. Royal27

    Ending Trophy Hunting Of Elephants: Is This A Conservation Success?

    Good read. Ending Trophy Hunting of Elephants: Is this a Conservation Success? By Brendan Moyle • 23/11/2017 • 2 Following a wave of popular outrage, the US government...
  7. Royal27

    Thoughts On The Administration’s Looming Lifting of the Ban on Elephant Trophy Imports

    Taken from FB, a post from @Ivan Carter. Thoughts On The Administration’s Looming Lifting of the Ban on Elephant Trophy Imports There is a substantial amount of rhetoric surrounding the current U.S. administration’s looming decision on the import ban applying to elephant and lion...
  8. Royal27

    Zimbabwe National Elephant Management Plan 2015-2020

    Altnough related to the below thread I thought this was important enough to post separately, especially now that the lift of the ban has made the mainstream news. I've only had time to scan the...
  9. Hunting Namibia's unique Landscapes

    Hunting Namibia's unique Landscapes

    Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris

    Hello fellow Africa Hunters

    Dear Africa hunting community, I would like to use the opportunity to introduce myself as Professional Hunter and conservationist in Africa. Recently we joined the community as an sponsor, to represent our hunting operation in Namibia and Cameroon. In Namibia we are a well established hunting...
  11. thi9elsp

    Lions - Scientific America article

    Reasonable article from a science based magazine vs. environmentalists. The article has interesting perspective on lions in Africa and even considers trophy hunting on par with eco-tourism: "Despite the utility of ecotourism and trophy hunting for lion conservation in general, only a small...
  12. Conservation Visions Inc.

    Shane Mahoney Speaks on Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting

    There’s been a great deal of discussion regarding the Cecil the Lion. What has often been lacking is a balanced approach and more complete treatment of the related issue of trophy hunting. In response, Conservation Visions Inc. has produced a 16 minute film that features wildlife biologist...