Shane Mahoney Speaks on Cecil the Lion and Trophy Hunting

Aug 27, 2015
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There’s been a great deal of discussion regarding the Cecil the Lion. What has often been lacking is a balanced approach and more complete treatment of the related issue of trophy hunting. In response, Conservation Visions Inc. has produced a 16 minute film that features wildlife biologist, conservationist, and CEO of Conservation Visions Inc., Shane Mahoney. Shane reviews the issue, presents the facts as they are known, and provides excellent commentary on the realities of ecosystem and wildlife management, and evidence in support of legal and regulated hunting as a tool for conservation. We believe this is a valuable contribution to the larger, ongoing debate that has stemmed from what has become an international incident and social media tsunami. It was designed to hopefully engender further meaningful discussion amongst the hunting community and the general public.

Here’s a YouTube link to the video:

We encourage you to circulate this short film to your own contacts and throughout your own circles. Rather than being divisive and alarmist, the film identifies the Cecil phenomenon as an opportunity for all people to realize the challenges facing wildlife conservation, and the role that hunting can and does play in supporting those. An MP4 download is available at:

Feedback is welcome! Thanks very much.
Spot on....feed the communities and wildlife will flourish ...
Welcome to AH Conservation Visions Inc.! Good to have you as part of our community. Bravo, just an excellent presentation.

Learn more about Conservation Visions Inc. at
This video was great! I welcome Conservation Visions Inc., and thank you for joining the Africa Hunting Forum. And if this is Mr. Mahoney, welcome to the forum. I personally have enjoyed your articles and columns through the years. Please don't be a stranger.

This video was wonderful and very informative. It certainly deserves to be shared widely. I hope this message will resonate loudly in the media.
Super presentation.
We need him to do a show with nat geo wild.....
This is great stuff! Like most of the great stuff, though, it tends to appeal to those who put facts ahead of feelings. So while we need to circulate this piece, as well as others like it, as broadly as possible, we need to consider how best to counteract the emotional appeal of the anti's.

I can't prove this, but I am willing to bet that Cecil has been the biggest boon to fundraising by animal rights activists since baby seals. They won't easily let go of this, and will look for ways to keep it alive (pun intended).

That was fantastic!

I agree with Hank though, it appeals to facts and people who are already supportI've of hunting.

My question is this (and I sure don't know the answer!!!!). How do you cut that down to 45 seconds and make it appeal to the common urban person who doesn't hunt, but isn't anti either?

Don't get me wromg, that video serves a purpose and helps to further educate those probably already pro hunting people who will watch it. We still need to reach the masses though....
Welcome to AH.

Hope you are able to distribute your film to the people that need influenced.
Excellent! That is the best, most well thought out explanation I have seen, bravo.

...I hope this message will resonate loudly in the media...

As I have with all the wonderful write ups that have been posted here, this has been shared with many and a message to spread it widely. All of us need to do the same.
Now what.....Who is seeing this video? While I commend Shawn and DSC we are running up against the same old problem....The general public is NOT hearing this. How can we possibly present our position and facts to the public when sportsman are only viewing these types of videos. We need to reach out like PETA and other fraudulent protectors of wildlife do. We need professional help in this area, sportsman are way behind the times in fighting the anti hunting forces. How could we let this go on for so long with our heads in the ground.

All the money that is spent by SCI, DSC and others to promote and contribute to wildlife causes is of course worthwhile. But within that budget there should IMO money set aside to combat the anti's by whatever means necessary to help change public perception of hunters, and to help non hunting folks understand what we do, how much we contribute, and the true meaning of hunters for conservation. I would gladly pay more for membership if I saw an effort to combat the anti's media blitz on hunters and hunting. This pounding has gone on for too long with no real response by sportsman. We can longer just "blend in the bushes". As most of you know I am a big fan of hiring a PR firm to handle this for us. Let them work hand in hand with SCI and DSC and others to bring our message forward. We are losing the battle folks....Can't go to a gun fight with a water pistol.

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