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May 24, 2011
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Well let me see if I've got the storyline correct so far?
1. Allegations are made by A against B of some wrongdoing
2. Facts to proof these allegations are being presented
3. More witnesses confirm these allegations of A from different previous experiences.
4. A friend of B then stated that he is a good family man, [useless information in the context of the main allegations]
5. and another roll player refuse to reveal his inside sources information that might help B's case.
6. More role players as proof for A's case are presented [taxidermist, previous hunters, copies of e-mails. not a registered player etc.]
7. B got another associate that testify that he is still a rookie [after 5 yrs in business] and must be given another chance, and that he will not make the same mistakes again[acknowledgement of guilt?]
8. Furthermore that A must accept his loss, see it as a learning curve and move on..
9. Some personal remarks were then made towards A-again misleading and not relevant to the main accusations,,[eg. A is an unhappy person, must smile, pull the organization into a black hole, personal vendetta, has lost faith in mankind, will never be content with himself etc.]
10. Also that B has noble future ideals to become the biggest fish in the pond [again-relevance??]
11. Nowhere so far did anyone from side B brought any argument or facts to the contrary of the main allegations as originally stated
12. As I see it thus far- if B can come and put his own case personally on the table, some allegations and facts as stated can then maybe dismissed or proofed?
13. As things stand now, the weight of proof lean alarmingly to one side
14. [Or did I miss something somewhere along the line?]

Koos Nel

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Jun 11, 2011
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First of all, this whole issue was not brought up by me solely because of a "person", but because of an "industry" and the repercussions to this industry because of a "person".

Me and my tracker's tips were paid today - at last - and that issue is therefore resolved. (Apparently, as well as a lot of other guys who were owed money). The outstanding amount for fuel was also paid.
The other issues being monies payable for hunts cancelled at the last minute, as well as some other ethical and illegal activities will still need to be sorted out - that will be left for another discussion.

Sandy, just a couple of comments on your previous reply:
1. Being a rookie is not an excuse - how can you expect to learn the tricks of the trade and your clients must pay the "cost"? There are a lot of other experienced outfitters and PH's in the industry that's been with us for many years - the majority will only be glad to help a rookie if he needs some advise. He must just ask.
2. Being a hunter, and if you're not a hunter yourself, you've got a husband in the hunting industry, therefor the following will be understood by you: tracking an animal, you can learn a lot from the signs he is leaving behind. The same with people - they tend to leave tracks and signs along their path going through life. Reading the signs you can normally be quite accurate in predicting what you will find up front. Human beings are a lot like animals, for both of us are creatures of habit. It's easy to say one can admit one's mistakes and will never make them again, but then again, if you backtrack on the signs that were left, you will see that the pattern keeps recurring everytime. It is in very few and rare occasions that the pattern is broken.

What happened to straightforward, honest, good business ethics? Irrespective whether agreements are verbal or in writing?


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Dec 21, 2009
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Hope your wife gets you back to hunting. I work for Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I have been through some of those circumstances myself. Have a great day.

Hi Dean

My Daughter Stephanie Saathoff also works for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota Small world.

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