Which scope for a Model 70 in 416 Remington?


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Jul 5, 2022
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Am going to Africa for Cape Buffalo and will neeed a scope for a new to me Safari Express in 416?

What do people here use in that situation?
There are many options. Do you have a budget? I have not been on a DG hunt, but I have a Swarovski z6i 1-6 EE on my m70 375. It is a fantastic scope.

The options are only limited by your budget. In general, a 1-? power is good for that caliber and purpose. It isn’t uncommon for folks to use a 2-? power either, but you don’t need big magnification for that caliber or hunting purpose. Stick with a good brand (over a good warranty). A good warranty doesn’t help in the middle of a hunt, and it’s especially less helpful if something dangerous is looking at you.
This is a super generic answer, but I'd say any low power variable scope from a reputable manufacturer with minimum magnification of 1x, an illuminated reticle, decent eye relief (>3.5in), mounted in quick detach (QD) rings.

On this site you'll see or hear about lots of .416 (and bigger) rifles mounted with a Leupold VX3 or VX5 in 1-5x, Swarovski z6i 1-6x and z8i 1-8x, Leica Magnus or Amplus in 1-6x, Trijicon Accupoint in 1-6x, and there are comparable 1-Xx scopes from Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender, Steiner, Kahles, etc. Talley, Warne, and Leupold QD rings are often mentioned.

Swarovski did make a 1-6x with extended eye relief (EE) for heavier recoiling rifles, but I believe they are no longer in production. They occasionally pop up for sale but are usually sold at a premium. Many on this site with more experience have proclaimed it as the best dangerous game scope ever made.
I have a 1-6 Meopta Optika 6. It works well but it’s chunky/heavy. Great Illuminated #4 Reticle though, with very clear glass.
I like the weight and specs and price of the Meopta Optika 6 but wonder if the huge rubber power adjustment assembly on the ocular portion of the scope would make me use high rings to clear the bolt handle.
Optika 6 with medium rings

If you can swing it, get a Swaro. I couldn’t, so I got the Meopta.
I have been in situations using too much scope magnification to be able pick out a target easily. I would go with an illuminated reticle in something that starts out at or near 1x to optimize your field of view.
I have an older non illuminated Leupold and various German scopes that fit the bill.
I have gotten on Meopta kick and was going to get a Meostar R2 1-6x24 with a 4C reticle for a buffalo hunt next year. I was told by Meopta that it was discontinued. I don't if there will be a replacement.
It seems like everyone from Alabama is going buffalo hunting. LOL
I have used that same rifle with the Leupold VX-3 but now I use a NightForce NX-8 1-8.
I wouldn't look at a specific scope, I would look at the features you most desire and then see what scopes fit into your budget.

In general, for a DG scope it's desirable to have the following...
1. Near 3.5 - 4" of eye relief
2. True 1x low power setting
3. Illuminated reticle
4. Lowest mounting possible, preferring QD
5. Best possible glass you can afford

Meeting those criteria with a $1500 budget would put you into a Leupold VX-5HD or maybe (with a little more money) a VX-6HD. Trijicon Accupoint 1-6x24 is another great option as well.
Hi guys, would a VORTEX Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24 BDC3 stand and support a .416 Rem Mag?

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Hi guys, would a VORTEX Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24 BDC3 stand and support a .416 Rem Mag?
I would say yes, but with an asterisk. I own a few lower end Vortex scopes. They serve their intended purpose, and I have not had one fail on me. I do know they fail, and tend to fail at a much higher rate that better brands.

Everyone has to make their own hunting choices, but for me they are not a brand I would trust my life with. They stand behind their product and will replace it if it breaks.
Hi guys, would a VORTEX Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24 BDC3 stand and support a .416 Rem Mag?
Have an F1 on an AR, 223 and 300BO. I like the scope, would not run it on a heavy recoiling rifle. Especially one that would be used for DG. If you want to step up to their razor line, different story.
Budget of 1500 usd.
That points you direct at the Leupold VX 6 illuminated. Or a Trijicon 1-6 or 1-4. I just bought a Trijicon 1-6 at DSC for under $1k. Personally I prefer a standard duplex reticle with the small illuminated dot vs. the Patrol with the circle. Keep your sight picture clean. You will really appreciate the illuminated dot on a black buffalo in shadows.
Am looking at a Trijicon 1-6
Have enough points on my Cabelas card to pay for it.

There are not many other suitable scopes available at Cabelas/Bass Pro for me to use my accumulated points with them.

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