What is With Trigger Happy PHs

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    Thanks Ray! How you been you old codger? Didn't see you at the Dallas Safari show this year, But talked to Vontonder and Mike. All the DRSS guys were there. We went down to the 4K ranch on sunday after the DSC show, did a couple days of shooting , and hog hunting with the double rifles. 12 guys killed 31 hogs in two days. We also went over to Monty's safari shooting school, where Kevin "DOCTARI" Robertson, and Daug Turnbull were testing out his new lever rifle chambered for the 500 Turbull. That is quite a cartridge for a lever gun, and it impressed Robertson as well.

    Good to hear from you, Amigo!:)

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    Karl.............thanks for your post. I totally agree, as I also thought this was a bad example for the issue being put forth.

    Also, lets not forget the elephant was wounded and all of the crying and sniveling that you would hear from the client when the elephant that got away was his elephant on licence and he then had to shell out the $6000 or so for the trophy fee.

    Some guys would take it in stride. Many would be looking for somewhere to lay the blame other than themselves and poor shooting. Morally and ethically the PH has a responsibility for the wounded animal, the locals who may later be impacted by a wounded bull that 'got away' ............he also has a responsibility to his hunter and with the wounded elephant being your one and only on licence, the trophy fee payable, the PH putting in a killing shot is also the sensible thing to do.

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