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Nov 23, 2015
    1. husb0023
      Almost forgot part 2... would you carry a 45-70 govt or the 7mm rem mag if given the choice?
    2. husb0023
      Kelly, do you have a bullet preference for bear?

      I was going to go with the 175 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw out of my 7mm rem mag.
    3. milford
      Hey Kelly thanks again for the help , just to let you Know i got norm 3 other guys to go hunting with him . I think he is having a bit of a rough time , 12k in fishing cancelations so he was happy I could get him some extra bussiness
    4. milford
      how much is the licence and tag ???
    5. Skyline
      Mark........if you want to go this spring I can get you in to two different lodges for $2500 US including taxes and your bear licence. These are hunts that would normally be $3500. Essentially they are selling the 7 day hunts for $2000 plus taxes and bear licence.

      Both have lodge accommodations and great meals. Both offer super bear hunting. One is in SW Manitoba near Riding Mountain National Park and also offers some walleye fishing and gopher shooting. The other is further north, east of The Pas and is a bit more remote and has very good fishing as well for walleye, pike and lake trout.

      This quality of hunt does not get any cheaper. These guys simply will not fill their hunts if they can't get what I am quoting you as they cannot operate for cheaper.

      Let me know if you need further details on either hunt.


    6. milford
      Hi what is the cost to hunt spring bear in Manitoba ?? I am going to hunt africa next year so I need cheap < maybe a last miniute cancel ???? Mark
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