What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

Did you get a mount or skin???
I just had the skull cleaned and kept a bunch of feathers. I plan to make some kind of feather arrangement with the skull in there somewhere. Also trying to keep the taxidermist bill to a minimum so I could afford to shoot more stuff. It was a cool hunt, I'm glad I did it.
Nyala and bush pig. On my first hunt, we jumped a BP with the truck in a thicket. I grabbed a rifle and tried a running shot thru thick stuff. Missed. Also, Imhave a steinbok, but would like to get more of the Tiny 10, especially a Klippie.
No desire at all to hunt any of the little guys, plus I think my wife would kill in my sleep. :ROFLMAO: I traded one of the little ones for a Blesbok, and don't regret it at all. On my first trip I had a package (Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Warthog, Grey Duiker & Blue Wildebeest), and I stuck with it with the exception of the Blesbok that I swapped for the Duiker. The only animal added to this trip was a Zebra.

Last year's safari, I also purchased a package with 4 animals (Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck & Eland, swap the Eland for a Buffalo cow), I had in mind to hunt a Red Hartebeest & a Black Hartebeest. Oh, and a great looking Warthog that got in the way and couldn't resist. LOL!!!!
After my first hunt, it became Cape Buffalo (too high a cost), tiny ten, and night critters that got added to my list. Second hunt added Cape Buffalo, tiny ten, and bush pig.

After my second hunt the bush pig got me into wanting to hunt night critters, I am doing a tiny ten/night critter hunt in August. I am sure after this hunt I will find new targets.
I keep a list of things that I would like to hunt when I go back, and there are some I would hunt every time I get there.
I want one more trip to the east cape and would chase Vaal rhebok, caracal and bushpig, but while there would definitely hunt another waterbuck or nyala. I love them all and am happy to hunt what the land offers up but some offer a challenging hunt and would seek them out every chance I get-kudu and bushbuck for example
Cape Buffalo & TT, with a Bushbuck tossed in for good measure. Booked for 2024.
After 2 safari's with the bushbuck at the top of the list it still remains there. Hopefully my 2024 hunt gets that monkey off my back.

On my last trip i was lucky enough to harvest a great serval and am now fascinated with the small cats. Hopefully the upcoming trip provides me with the opportunity at a caracal, civet or genet, small cats quickly went to the top of my list!
I hate to break things down to cost or value or affordability or whatever, but if we amend the title to animals you would hunt “if you could afford them” then my previous answer would stay the same-I would be on the east cape picking up some spares and hunting some favorites from trips past-
If I were truly wealthy then I would absolutely hunt an elephant!
Waterbuck wasn’t on my list when I went over but by the second day of seeing them out in the field they went to the top of my list. Impala was an animal I wasn’t too interested in but ended up being a lot of fun to hunt.

For a second trip red hartebeest would be near the top and a steenbok or duiker would be fun to get. Mature kudu, bushbuck and waterbuck would always be on the list.
Going on my fourth plains game hunt in a couple weeks. Looking for a bat eared fox and aardwolf. Also doing a springbuck slam. These are things that never interested in before. I was looking for something new after most of the main plains game animals before.
Going on my fourth plains game hunt in a couple weeks. Looking for a bat eared fox and aardwolf. Also doing a springbuck slam. These are things that never interested in before. I was looking for something new after most of the main plains game animals before.
I saw a lot of bat eared foxes in the NW province in 2021, classy little critters!
Ive always been a "take what the bush provides" kinda guy...

we set out on our first hunt in South Africa with a list... within a couple of hours of being there the list pretty much went into the trash..

I had never thought about a waterbuck before.. it literally never crossed my mind.. Im not sure I knew they even existed prior to arriving in Limpopo... but there was an absolutely stunning waterbuck mount in the lodge we were staying at.. When we saw a small group out on the property the next day, a waterbuck became the first PG animal I ever took..

My wife had no intention of hunting a blesbok on that trip.. but after driving around for a few hours and not seeing much that was better than a reasonable representative of its species (more than a dozen species spotted), out walked a beast of a blesbok.. so.. her first PG animal ever taken was a blesbok (blesbok was definitely not on the hit list that year either)...

while I try to develop a list of things I am interested in prior to heading over, mostly to give the PH some idea of what we'd prefer... truthfully, we typically only take maybe 50% of what we initially set out for.. the rest of our hunt ends up being targets of opportunity when really great animals or really challenging hunts present themselves..

I never thought I wanted a nyala until last year when a really nice one was spotted and a great opportunity presented itself.. I never really thought much about a zebra before taking one.. my wife had already taken one a few years prior.. we already had a zebra rug in the house.. but when a great opportunity availed itself, we took it...

We're headed back over again in July.. at this point between my wife, daughter, and I, we've got 19 different PG species accounted for and 2 DG species.. multiple trophies for a handful of those species.. theres not a whole lot left that I really am interested in specifically going after.. I just want to enjoy some time out hunting, some time relaxing by the fire, and some time away from the constant buzzing of emails and text messages 16+ hours a day... while I know we're going to spend some time trying to hunt bushpig, hippo, and a few other things that we havent hunted before.. I sincerely wont be disappointed if we dont end up taking those animals (we will return within a short period of time and have another opportunity I am sure).. and I will be equally happy if we end up with nothing more than a few additional wildebeest and warthogs (or whatever else) at the end of the week and all of the memories to go with them..
Never booked anything except Cape buffalo twice and leopard once, but managed to add to those targeted a warthog, impala, baboon, red hartebeest, kudu, chacma baboon, hyrax, and an oryx that got away after a day and a half of bushman tracking. Glad for some of these as I didn't get a look at that leopard!
Cow elephant may well be next...would add a sable or nyala in a heartbeat!
I initially never had any interest in hunting an elephant (although I obviously never had anything against it), but after seeing them for the first time in the wild in Kenya in 1974… I immediately resolved to hunt one the next time I would be going on an African safari. Eventually, I succeeded in shooting a couple of magnificent bull tuskers over the years. And hopefully will be going after more in the long run.

I also used to be initially extremely dismissive of wing shooting in Africa. I used to think “What kind of tasteless fool goes travels all the way to the world’s most exotic big game hunting paradise for bird shooting ?” All that changed one day in that Kenyan safari camp of ‘74. Using my white hunter’s (Mr. Cheffings) 12 gauge 3” Magnum B.S.A side by side boxlock ejector and Eley Alphamax Magnum 42 gram #6 shells, I folded a good number of sand grouse and immediately found myself eating my own words. On another day, I went after guinea fowl. Soon, I realized that wing shooting in Africa is probably one of the most underrated hunting experiences in existence.
Sand grouse at dark-thirty are a real high speed challenge--love it! Forgot to add more sand grouse hunting on my post.
Sand grouse at dark-thirty are a real high speed challenge--love it! Forgot to add more sand grouse hunting on my post.
Quite delicious too ! Actually most African game birds taste pretty amazing. Except for spurwing geese. Those things taste absolutely beastly.
I probably ought quit reading posts like this. I had very narrow interests when I first decided to hunt Africa, but the more I learn about each animal and read everyones comments, the more I worry I might severely blow my budget.

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