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    1. Poc4u
      I'm back (I was away to Europe for a while)
      I'm reading about a member asking around about the Sabatti 92 double rifle
      and weather the gun is well made, accurate etc.
      I have and shoot several doubles including a 600 NE (custom built by C&C Gunworks of NY) two Searcy (470 nitro and 450-400) a Verney Carron in 375 Flanged, A Redolfi Armi in 444, and old Gagswell & Harrison in 450-400
      and a Sabatti 92 in 500 NE. My favored? The Sabatti.
      I only paid $5,500 for it and it shoots and handles great. My PH on my last trip to Africa shot it and couldn't get over it, the gun is made like a tank and the metal work is unbelievable, the ejectors are by far the most powerful of any of the guns I have fired. In one word : if you're looking for a double rifle and you want have money left over to hunt with it .....buy a Sabatti
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