Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

Bracing for tomorrow--about to get colder than a well digger's butt.
Not sure if this is the right thread but, how well do electric vehicles operate in those low temperatures

I don’t have any experience with true electric vehicles. However my wife’s Jeep 4xE, which is a hybrid normally gets 25-27 miles on the electric battery charge. In the last week or so, in my part of Wisconsin it’s been 0 to -10 degrees F. She has half of the battery charge left after her 30 mile round trip commute. It too cold to run completely on battery. The Jeep chooses to run more often on gas.

that is our experience, others may have a different one. Pun intended, YMMV!
John the electrician.
Been reading about this mother winter storm you lot over there are getting or going to be hammered by.....sounds really shit.....cool 23c here and cold 17c tonight...lot of rain around so cooling it down....with the wind chill probably a freezing 20c .... :A Banana: :E Rofl:
-14F here now, -33F windchill.
70F here in Longmont (inside the house…LOL!) A balmy -16F outside with a bit of a breeze. Maybe 3+” of snow. But the sun is trying to come through. All-in-all looks like it’s going to be a lovely day…to be in the basement reloading!
8 F. N wind at 25-30mph. -15 F windchill. Blowing snow/sleet'ish.
From niece in Powell, WY this morning. While I sit here in Florida chilling as we wait for our low 30's and low 20's wind chills this weekend. '-)

Today is 12F with a bit of snow. Tomorrow will be -3 with 35 mph winds.
I cut wood in the nice weather so the next two days I’ll be watching Gunsmoke and playing in the gunroom.
If they'res too much "gunsmoke" you'll set off your smoke detectors? LOL
Clear skies and no new snow today on the west coast of Alaska:)
-33 degrees Fahrenheit Bozeman Montana — BRRRRRRRRR!
I'm 6 miles out of BozAngeles and my thermometer is sitting at -35 F

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