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Aug 5, 2012
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My daughter & I had the the opportunity to sneak out a day & half early to escape to a favorite place...the Rockin G. She’s had a great year considering all of the obstacles, carving out good grades, multiple sports, volunteering, church, etc....

She deserved a quick getaway!

We ditched school at noon & we’re on the road. Before you know it... 300 miles later we are at the gates of the famous Rockin G. Our buddy @gizmo had just had a recent surgery, so we were day to day if this was going to happen. His right hand man & guide @Rafter JK and miss kelly were there to greet us as always with open arms. After we drop bags & load gear. We are off to find the quarry of the little huntress. Her list....


No particular order.... not many are wearing horns this time of year. We just wanted to try & get out while we could.

Stay tuned for pics!

Thank you!


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Good luck!
I know you will have the best of time
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Never let school interrupt a child’s proper education! Good job!
The weather was West Texas Springs standards.... it was close to 80 as a high....but your garden variety 30 mph winds.

As big, rough country as it is beyond beautiful in its on right. That is not mentioning the physical facilities of the Rockin G itself. The place is first class of the highest order....from the furnishings, cooking, cleaning, equipment, implements, etc.... better than home!
First evening was on the Can-Am scouting, glassing..... miles on foot & tread.... saw a lot of animals. Nothing materialized.... things either bedded down or Cagey....and outta there!!!
Return to camp for great food & strategize for next day!
Next day.... we are out early.... trying to get the jump. Texas’s early at 6am.... and stays light until damn near 9pm. It’s a transitional time of year out there.... as really only the blackbuck & aoudad have real horns.... obviously they know it. Those things only appeared going either 30mph or decided to ball up together behind brush at 200 yards.
Day 3.... we through everything we got at them... we go on machine, on foot, daylight to dark... it was not for a lack of trying on everyone’s part. @Rafter JK put us on a close to a 30” aoudad. It just did not feel right..... balled up with a group, little room for error with a neophyte huntress, 30+ mph crosswind, etc. Anyone else would be cheering beers with this monster sheep. Just wasn’t for our situation (13 y/o daughter). By the way..... she is total aces & muscle. She can put hike & hunt most of us/you. FYI.
In the end, we tried it all.... with spring storms bearing down, wind, our huntress’ experience, we through everything we had at them.... we saw some amazing things.... probably the most remarkable. The bison .... we probably never came within like 2000 yards!!!! How does that happen? The things that you would think that would stand out like sore thumbs, are the most ghostly. The bison & scimitar horned oryx. How can they disappear.... sure as hell..... we would go days/miles.... never see them. Bizarre.
Good for you to take your daughter out. She learned a lesson this time around. It's hunting and not just shooting. Sometimes you remember those trips the most. Better luck next time.
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We stared down a beautiful 29+ aoudad ram.... long/hard.... cat/mouse.... never felt right.....something was always in front of each other or wind or tree or whatever.... again, please, read & see this through the eyes, ears & scope of a 13 y/o young huntress.

The night was coming quick.... we we’re wrapping things up. Saw glances of hope there & there only to vanish in the dark canyons.... we settled on the fact that we will be back in October for another chance.
It’s dark thirty....we’re done. Been at it since 6am, it’s now 8:45pm. On our way out.....there’s a Boar that had a situation that needed attention. With super low light (dark) Sloane put the 6.5CM to work & let the air out of that boar hog!

Many thanks to our friends at the Rockin G! Great times & better people.

Take care,

I want to thank @gizmo @Rafter JK , miss kelly & the Rockin G for being so hospitable and accommodating to my girl. It’s experiences like this that will make her into the incredible human being/woman that she is destine to become. We are hunters! Don’t count out her generation. She will be great & make things greater!
BWH, I'd be willing to bet that if you asked her what she enjoyed the most about this hunt, her answer would be "hunting with my Dad." From the looks of things, you are bringing this little lady up right.
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I think the big smile on that young lady in every picture, pretty much tells the story here!
Congratulations on a great trip
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BWH, I'd be willing to bet that if you asked her what she enjoyed the most about this hunt, her answer would be "hunting with my Dad." From the looks of things, you are bringing this little lady up right.

Thank you! I can promise you this. She loved every minute of it. She hugged me several times throughout the trip & said thank you for bringing me. Makes a dad want to book the next trip!
BWH, I'm surprised you haven't booked your return trip already!!
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