Tanning vs Dip/Pack

Is the cow buffalo tanned or just salted? If just salted check on a price to get it tanned, this should reduce the weight some and may bring down the cost a little but the shipping is calculated by volumetric weight. Dimensions of the crate and weight put into a formula.
The quote I received was for tanning but excluded shipping from memory
The tanning prices seem to jump around like the shipping prices have lately, I had a kudu flat skin tanned for $300 in 2019 eastern cape safari and a roan backskin was $250 in the northwest province in 2021.
I've been lucky enough to take 2 muntjacs and one CWD near Bedford/UK. I need to get 3 heads/skulls bleached and one cape tanned so that I could get it back to Poland. Is anybody to help me out with finding ANYBODY in UK, who could make it? Going through internet there is no one who could take care of it....

I will appreciate Your kind response.

Best regards
My two cents. If you have a taxidermist down there you trust do it. If not ship it home. I just like the tanning better here!
For long term storage my taxidermist suggested storage of tanned skin.
In this phase of my home arrangement, and in foreseeable future I dont have space for eland shoulder mount.
So, my taxidermist suggested for long term storage to make tanning, and then to keep it in deep freezer. So, I did.
in the mean time, I keep scull mount of eland on the wall.
So, it seams salted skin cannot last for too long? that would be my guess.

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Is this rifle sold? If not what is the weight of it and do you know if there is enough difference in diameter between the 35W and the 9.3 to allow for a rebore to a 9.3x62 which is what I am after?
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Forgive me if this is the incorrect area, I signed up to this forum just now because I wanted to be on the list to purchase a copy of your autobiography. Please feel free to pass my information along to whomever is selling. Thank you so much. I look forward to it!
I like the Tillie in my picture. They are supposed to fit loose (2 fingers inside hat band), have mesh for cooling, and hold their shape after washing.