SOUTH AFRICA: Well We Are Here At Hartzview Hunting Safaris


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Dec 31, 2014
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Here we are on our sixth day with @Hartzview Hunting Safaris. We are having the time of our lives with Ruan and the crew here. We have taken seven animals so far with three days to go. Tammy got a great, old big blue wildebeest this morning. When we get home next week, I will post a full report. This trip has met and exceeded all our expectations. Did I mention we are having a good time? Pictures and stories to follow soon. Philip

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Glad its going well! Cant wait for the pics and report!
Thanks is a beautiful ranch and loaded with game. Glad your having a great time there and the hartzview crew knows how to get it done.
Thanks for the update. looking forward to the full report and photos. Enjoy, there is more to come!!
Ruan is a great guy. Lots of game at the Hartzhootge. Good luck!
Glad you're having fun.
Glad your having a good time Philip. Look forward to seeing your pictures.
Nice teaser. Glad to hear its going well. Looking forward to pics and a report. Bruce
Hope the rest of the hunt goes well, looking forward to the pictures and report
Nice, look forward to the report!
Very nice animals! Congratulations!
Congrats and looking forward to the full report!
Fine animals! That zebra has some beautiful even shadow lines! Looking forward to your report.
Well done Philip, have a safe trip home!
Looking forward to your full report.
Hunted with Hartzview twice.
Congratulations sir well done.
Nice trophies. BTW has anyone else noted that there seems to be a link between female hunters and TEXAS?
Looks like your having a great time.
Nice trophies. BTW has anyone else noted that there seems to be a link between female hunters and TEXAS?
Well Hank Jr wrote a song about them, so there has to be something to em. Lol. I'm only a Texan by trade but I have noted that the hunting tradition runs deep here, even in the little girls here, they all love hunting with their Daddy's. It's pretty neat!

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