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May 7, 2013
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Professional Hunters work their buns off to see that their guests have a good time. The man in the picture with me , Hennie du Toit, has been my PH on two safaris. I tell you African Sky Safaris has a real gem in this professional hunter. He worked long hours and made sure at the end of the day that everyone in my party was pleased with the days events. This is the guide who on my first safari told me not to shoot an animal we had glassed because we could do better. WOW! Obviously, he could have taken an easy path and let me shoot an inferior trophy but he was determined that my son and I would get good representative trophies of the animals we selected for the hunt. I went to South Africa in April of this year, 2014, to be greeted by my PH who was truly happy to see me! We hunted the Kalahari for this beautiful Gemsbok and the lioness. Hennie really out did himself to get me a great Cape buffalo in the Northern Provence. Four plains game animals followed back on the Elands river. Each night we sat around the camp fire telling stories....none of mine were as memorable as those Hennie told about past hunts. He was simply an excellent host each and every day. When he dropped me off at OR Tambo the last day and shook my hand good bye it was as my friend. I look forward to hunting with my friend Hennie again someday. Thank you Hennie for Great memories and an expectation of making more.
I agree - South African PHs work really hard for us hunters.
Last year Hennie put my son Bryson on this nice Kudu Bull. He was 50 inches......more than we expected to get. The same day I had looked at a bull that was a bit smaller when Hennie said not to shoot ....that we could do better. The second photo is of the 54 1/4 inch bull I got. The third picture is of him on my wall. Note the smile on the face of my son.....his mom and I got more smiles that week than we had gotten the previous three years. Now that is a memory my PH helped to make possible!
That smile on your son is priceless!
Congrats to you and your Son on some fine trophies thanks for sharing.
Nothing like hunting with a good friend!!
It does feel good when you come back really satisfied from a hunt, and your PH does most of it .

Nyati even my wife was happy with the hunt she went on. I think it says a lot when a PH can take care of two hunters and a lady taking pictures! He even let her chop grass with his sling blade!!! Ha
Nice animals there.
Thanks Frederik. We enjoyed every minute of our time in Africa as a family and I think we got some nice trophies as well.
Starting to plan for the next trip now! Can't wait to go back to Africa
Hey Austin......what good amount of things you are telling us about hunters feelins and PH´s things done for.........The pictures talk for them selves........I am glad to see this.....your trophys are great.....the orix is perfect, the split beetwen the diferent colors in the skin, the color in the cape and of course the horns make of that a real splendid trophy.....!!!!!!

Thanks god many hunters become in a friend of mine after a hunt......I know that felling......!!!!!

Well done Austin......!!!!!!
Thank you Rocket
On an African hunt there are hundreds of variables but i agree the PH makes the hunt as he is with you every day from dawn till bead time.

I have only one trip to Africa but my PH Jeremy Scheepers not only worked hard every single day he was a true gentleman and a joy to spend time with.
Looks like a fine time with nice trophies and good family time. Grins from ear to ear! Congrats!!
Tedthorn it's those PH guys that educate the first timers and help them create the memories of a lifetime.
Great photos of the happy family and the other trophies! I can't wait to smile like your son in a little over a year.
Huntermn15 I take you are going one one of these hunts next year. I hope you have a wonderful time! My whole family did last year and I will never forget that time. Best wishes to you

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