SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Ultimate Hunting Safaris In Mpumalanga?


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Mar 21, 2011
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Ultimate Hunting Safaris

I met with a number of outfitters at the Harrisburg outdoor show last month. Liked a number of them but I particularly liked the accommodations at this one. The Serenity lodge looks exceptionally comfortable, which is important being my wife is not into hunting and this is as much a vacation for her as for me. We plan to do a photographic safari at Kruger National Park. Being this place is 19 kilometers from the southern end of the park, it is extremely convenient.

The operators, Wesley and Louise, seemed really great. Just wondered if anyone here with has hunted with them or known anyone who has.

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I did a little housekeeping in my shop and found some .500 Jeffery ammo that I no longer need. Superior Ammunition and Hendershots loaded them, along with AHR (American Hunting Rifles). Several Woodleigh/A-Square solids along with lead bullets in both 535g and 600g. Message me for any details.
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Just saw your listing for a winchester 70 458. Is it still for sale? I want it!!! pam308
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Leopard Legend....................Hi John.............I see that you have not visited AH in awhile. Hope all is well. I am looking for a hunt in Namibia..............would like to ask a few questions about your hunt.............all the best..............................Bill
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Hi Bob, how's things going in Wyong?. Down your way a couple of years back but haven't been in NSW since Ebor for the fishing. just getting over some nasty storms up here in Qld, seeing the sun for the first time in a few days. I'm going to NZ in the spring and hope to clean up a few buns while there and perhaps shake the spiders out of my old .303LE (currently owned by my BIL). Cheers Brian
A couple pictures of the sable i chased for miles in Mozambique, Coutada 9!! We finally caught up to him and I had the trophy of a lifetime. Mokore Safaris, Doug Duckworth PH
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