Ruger safari magnum. Good, Bad and Ugly?

For what it’s worth. I purchased a used M77 RSM 416 Rigby. Sent to Magna Port, installed a Falcon Strike recoil pad.
Approximately 200 ish rds down range.
No issues, using hand-loads 2400 fps 430 gr NF projectiles.
I have had no stock issues.
Great accuracy, I ve had it just over a year preparing for a 8/2023 trip to SA.
I own (2) Ruger RSM’s, a 458 Lott & 416 RGBY. They are a ton of rifle for the money. I also own a CZ 550. Love them both (RSM & 550), but the RSMs already come with all the stuff I paid to upgrade on my CZ. RSM action is absolutely butter smooth, & they are built like a tank! You get (1) more RIGBY in the CZ mag, but I think 3+1 rnds Rigby in the RSM is sufficient!:) Probably about to sell the 416, I use the Lott much more frequently. No one should have any hesitation that is looking to purchase a Ruger RSM. Can’t say enough!
They FEED, GO BANG, & EJECT every time like clockwork! Look good doing it too!
The Ruger RSM is one of the best rifles ever built for the money. They are a little fat on the weight side but other than that you can’t beat them. I know serval PH’s that have carried and relied on the RSM for many years and still do so today even know they are out of production. I have also read many accounts of PH’s and hunters alike relying on them. More than likely Ruger will never produce the RSM ever again.

There are some far fetched asking and selling prices right now for the RSM but if you keep your eyes open you can still pick them up at reasonable prices. Cabela’s just sold a new no box 416 Rigby last week for $1,799.00. $3,000.00 is pushing it as far as I am concerned and really $2,500.00 is as well. But at the end of the day it is what it is worth to you.

The Ruger Hawkeye African (Guide Gun and Alaskan) are great rifles as well and can not beat them for the price. The profile and ergonomics of the African is great. You can carry them all day with out breaking your back and they are fast handling. The only drawback is the chamberings. Although I think the 375 and 416 Ruger are some of the best new cartridges out today and they have a lot of potential for standard length actions. The Hawkeye African is no RSM but it is not supposed to be either. The African is my go to.

As far as the CZ is concerned it ain’t no Ruger and never will be. With that said CZ’s are great rifles just not in the same class as the Ruger’s.

The Ruger No. 1 Tropical is also a great rifle. One of the best single shoots ever made. Again a little fat on the weight side. Prices should be around $1,000.00 to $1,750.00 for the Tropical.

As far as the 416 Rigby or Ruger vs 458 Lott or Winchester Magnum stick with the 416. It will out penetrate the 458 any day of the week.

CZ ain't no ruger that's for sure. Action machined from billet as opposed to investment cast. I'll take my CZ 500 anytime.
I have killed several buff in Tanzania and Zambia w RSM .375, performed well, but the stock is a little thick, so i have switched to a .375 Interarms Whitworth and like it much better, took my best buff in Zambia w it last summer
I think the CZ 550s tend to be on the heavy side, perfect for a 458 Lott, 450 Rigby, 500 Jeffery or a 505 Gibbs. A bit too much for the smaller calibers. Mine in 500 Jeffery.

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There were 3 458 Lott's @ Cabella's in 2003 .. $1695. .. Shelved it, which is ridiculous in some opinion, with less than 20 Hornady's.
Addl: I almost let the M77 go for $500, had no idea they went up ..

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