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  • Ernst Steglieder 9.3
    Google Herbert Scheirring if you like underlever kiplauf rifles.
  • Lyman Great Plains Rifle
    Dont worry about it John, been called much worse, LOL. I consider you were being polite, I probably had it coming. I was just confused by the...
  • Lyman Great Plains Rifle
    I’m sorry I called you an Ass Hat. As for the Lyman, I’ll look, but I don’t believe we have one. My wife’s grandfather gave them as Christmas...
  • Lyman Great Plains Rifle
    Oh OK. It looked like something you posted, only name I see there is yours. But yeah, guess I can be an ass hat at times. No worries. I wanted...
  • Lyman Great Plains Rifle
    Indeed it is Hawken, I didn’t check the auto correct. Plus, it’s not my post. I was replying to an earlier post. you know, I like you and I...