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Aug 28, 2022
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I was asking about a month ago for some direction on a rifle, 375 H&H or 375 Ruger. Well I was able to procure a Winchester M70 Safari Classic in 375 H&H that will be delivered this week. I have also been able to get 3 different brands of what I hope are quality cartridges for the rifle. Now I am down to choosing a scope. I hope to primarily use this rifle to hunt buffalo with the possibility of hippo as well. However, I want to be able to shoot PG as well with this rifle, which makes choosing the best optics for both jobs important. I understand the difference in the quality of the various companies, ie.. Swarovski, Zeus’s, Leupold etc.. I am more asking for recommended magnifications, eye relief and objective size. I am considering between 1-6x24, 1-8x24, 1.7-10x42 and 2-10x42. I want to be able to quickly find a buffalo at close range but also want to feel comfortable shooting a plains game animal at 175-200 yards. I know that there has to be some compromises and nothing will be great for both applications but I am trying to get the best of both worlds so to speak. I’d be grateful for y’all’s input based on your experiences. Thanks
I have a vx2 3-9-40 on my 375 h and h. It’s in QD rings from Talley. I shot a buff at 40 yds, a large giraffe at 85 yds, an impala at 200 yds, and an eland at 170 yds. The scope allowed for quick target acquisition and all these (plus others) were one shot kills. There are a myriad of options and much nicer glass, but this scope has been tough and repeatable for me.
I have the M70 Safari Express 375H&H and I put a Leupold VXR 2-7X33 red dot scope on it. Works great. I put a Leupold VX6 HD 1-6X24 red dot on my 416 Rigby. Both rigs are great for buffalo because the red dot shows up better than cross hairs on the black hide of buffalo. I have also shot plains game with the Rigby and the scope is great for longer distances as well.
If you decide to go the 2-10x route, @R&M FIREARMS has one available at an excellent price right now..

If you decide to go the 2-10x route, @R&M FIREARMS has one available at an excellent price right now..

Thanks. I have sent a PM to Mark.
I would suggest to let your brain decide on the magnification and your wallet decide on the brand/model.

I would feel best with a 1-6 for those applications. But plenty have been very successful with 2-10 and other choices as well. When I’m shooting paper, I like to zoom in enough to see the fibers of the paper (maybe that’s a little over stated), but when I’m in the field I like a better view of the overall environment. It helps me find the target, especially in low light, and just few more natural for me.
If you decide to go the 2-10x route, @R&M FIREARMS has one available at an excellent price right now..

Thanks @mdwest.
A 2x10 seems the most versatile option. Being able to dial down to 2 power will make it suitable for close range on Buffalo in the shady thick stuff. You’ll practically never need more than 10 power on plains game.
If you need more than 6x to shoot
PG to 300 yards something is terribly wrong. I would go with a Z6 1-6x24, Z8 1-8x24 or VX6 1-6x24. These are all scopes I have used successfully on DG and PG.

An important consideration is scope positioning. The straight tube scopes are much more flexible in mounting. A properly mounted scope is key to quick and accurate shooting.
My .375 wears a Nightforce 2.5-10x42mm NXS Illuminated. Works good…

If money were no object, the 1.7-10x 42 would be superb IMO.
Swaro Z8i 1-8x24 with illuminated reticle. Second choice would be the Swaro Z6i 1-6x24 illuminated.

3.5" of eye relief is a good start for a .375 caliber and up. You will not be disappointed in the Z8i or Z6i glass compared to anything else. Other good choices from Leica and Zeiss are there, and you will not go wrong with any of their top of the line scopes. I happen prefer Swaro.
I prefer a true 1x for follow up on DG (ok for both eyes open). As such, I’ve shot my 416 from 20-140 yards with good effect using a 1-6x24. However, any on your list would work.

I highly recommend an illuminated reticle with simple crosshairs (I use a German #4). I have shot at near dusk, and the red dot was helpful in the brush.
I'm in the same boat with my Model 70. Leaning toward Leupold with Talley rings, but not sure which height. Are low rings too low?

A Leupold VX5 in 2-10x42 will need medium Tally QD. Smaller than 42 and lows might work. For me I use medium on them all for Stock fit to face to scope alignment that what’s work best for me personally
If money were no object, the 1.7-10x 42 would be superb IMO.
If money were no object then do a Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3x42mm. For a 375H&H I think it is a hard one to beat. Will focus down to 10 yards and have the magnification on the upper end to do whatever needed to be done.
Love the NightForce NX8 1-8.
Have several, they are not as clear in low light as some of the European glass. They might be more robust, the glass is just not as good. JMO.
I miss the days when rifle scopes had caps over the elevation and windage adjustments. Not exposed turrets as tall as a Miami condo. Marked for adjusting out to 20000 MOA. Just caps. Zero the scope at 100-200 yards, screw the caps back on, and go hunt. Maybe they have a place in mountain hunting. But I can just imagine stalking in on a once-in-a-lifetime Kudu, and the PH looks back to see the client spinning the adjustment dials so the can hold dead on…..at 75 yards! Who needs ‘em? Looking at optics catalogs lately I think I saw just a couple of the old style scopes. Everything else was outfitted with those dreadful complications. I will not mention the scopes that talk to ones cellphone via Bluetooth. It’s getting to be my bedtime and I don’t want to lay awake thinking of the rapid pace we are heading to hades.

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