on a lighter note...

Lots of kids will put dry ice inside a two liter bottle and it will build pressure enough to “pop” open a mailbox. It launches like a rocket for a long distance sometimes.
Once In awhile on the fire dept we respond to kids dumping gas into the sewer. Occasionally it will cause a small explosion that will jar the sewer covers. I’ve been in half dozen of those-
Before everyone lost a sense of humor, the easy way was to take balloons and load them up with acetylene and oxygen. For an epic July 4th bang, instead of balloons, it was trash bags.
I know some people who accidentally blew up a gas station with a trash bag full acetylene and oxygen. It had a shop in the back where they worked on cars, they took it inside for some reason and when the soda machine kicked on KABOOM.
I remember the acetylene bombs made out of a balloon with a cigarette taped to it. I went to ride with a friend after school one day his pickup had those tweed seat covers and he had 3 of them rolling around on his seat. I backed out quickly and asked him if knew what static electricity was. He wasn't very bright but is still alive today...
(Edit - he became a reserve sheriff deputy years later - I told him if he ticketed me I would tell the judge all I knew but the statute of limitations is long out...)
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Yep. Judging by the dress, bike and car, looks like a Saturday “hold my Mt. Dew” neighborhood dare event from the ‘60s, with a Dad sitting on the porch drinking a beer watching the potential disaster unfold? LOL

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I'm trying to obtain an Australian Visa, but I was arrested over 10 years ago and the government is requesting a state police clearance letter and character declaration letter. Do I need to provide an FBI criminal record check as well?

This is the most difficult place I have ever tried to get into.


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Should have recieved it, seems your FFL was a bit of a hassle