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Jul 13, 2017
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Has anyone hunted New Zealand in the past few months, after the mosque shooting and the Gov't has had time to react, with their own bolt action hunting rifle and toured the country post hunt with their firearm?

I've booked a hunt in New Zealand for April 2020 and am reviewing the requirements to bring my own hunting rifle. I understand all requirements but the "safe storage" requirement. It reads:

Demonstrate that you have made security arrangements for the safe storage of all firearms that you will be using (regardless of whether they are your own firearms or firearms that you intend to borrow while in New Zealand). You will need to provide the details of the New Zealand firearms licence holder(s) (with a current licence) that you will be storing firearms with while you are in New Zealand.​

Safe storage document, "Secure storage guidance for firearms November 2018", specifies safes, metal or stout wood cabinets attached to two surfaces, i.e. concrete or wall studs. As a traveling hunter I'll have my locked hard-side Pelican case, I can remove the bolt and put a cable lock in the action. Is this adequate?

I sent an email inquiry to the NZ Police but have not received a response. My outfitter said I could use his rifles for free, my travel agent said "no problem" but I have serious doubts she knows what's going on.
I’m sure your outfitter is well aware of the requirements and has made arrangements. I would assume he is required now to have a safe or strong room for weapons. Check with him.
If your outfitter has free guns, use them and then you know you're clear of all the bureaucratic bs.
Thanks for the replies. Johnnyblues, apologies I wasn't clear, I meant to say that after the hunt I'm planning to tour the north and south islands for two weeks and I have to take my rifle with me. We'll do some driving, flying between islands, train travel, overnight cruise. I've not found a service like Afton House in South Africa with whom you can store your rifle when visiting Kruger National Park for example. Plus on the way home I won't be stopping near my outfitter so leaving it with them is difficult. I don't think this was as much of an issue before the mosque shooting.

Newboomer, I may not have a choice in the matter.
I'd still contact the outfitter, he may know of someone near where you are flying out of that can legally store them for you.

Other than that borrow or rent a rifle.
Hi all, thought I'd update this thread with the outcome. My application has been approved. My travel agent, Esplanade, checked with all the accommodations to ensure that I could legally keep my firearm with the exception of an overnight cruise. For the overnight cruise, Esplanade, made arrangements for my firearm to be stored with a sportings good store in Queenstown, that sells firearms as well, free of charge. I'll bring gifts of appreciation for the store owner and be making some purchases as well.
Interesting and good to know. I hired in South Africa.
I have considered NZ and thought it was reasonably firearms friendly. I was thinking of a simple hunt and some touring. Ideally taking my own rifle to hunt with my own rifle.
I'm sure (as a previous owner) that when you are offered a "free" service, making a purchase is much appreciated.

We used to do free transfers for police/military; too many times the people would use our "free" service and leave, never to be seen again. The guys that bought a box of ammo, sling, holster, etc were greatly appreciated.

People that bought mounts and/or scopes, I'd mount and boresight for free, knowing they'd become loyal customers.

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