Need Help Traveling To Or Through South Africa With Your Guns?

Hallo Henry!

Sent my package of stuff off to you via FedEx last week, for my trip to Tootabi in May.

I did find you here on AH! Looking forward to that hat! :)

Tim A.
Welcome to AH..
Welcome aboard Henry....
I just used Henry's service last week and let me tell you it was worth every single penny! I had no issues with the permits themselves but my issues started in JFK as we waited on the tarmac for over two hours and unfortunately we didn't have enough time to get to our connecting flight so we missed it. But our agent from Rifle Permits saved the day! Not only did they get us though the process in no time at all time they also went above and beyond to make sure SAA got us on the next flight out that was leaving in less than an hour.

If you going to Africa with a rifle, don't even stop to think about it, hire these guys to help you with the process!
Henry, Thanks for all your help on my first trip to RSA earlier last month. Your guys made it super easy to navigate JoBurg aiport right from stepping off the plane to getting my firearm through approval process. The other hunter with me who has many many trips under his belt said it was the easiest process he has EVER encountered on any of his hunting trip.

Thanks again..... after my'll be the first I contact when I'm planning to be back in Africa.
Glad this thread got brought back to the top...reminded me to put my $0.02 in.

I am very glad to have contracted with on my recent trip to RSA.

Having a person with a smiling face holding a sign with my name on it was quite a relief upon reaching Jo'burg. We breezed right through the SAPS process and we were on our way in no time. The extra hands helping with luggage was nice, too.

I will certainly use Henry's service should I be so fortunate as to hunt in RSA again.


I'm with Tim!

The service was great and this is just good insurance, in my opinion. Could I have done it on my own? I would like to think so. Would there have been more stress and worry? Absolutely!!!

I also used the "greet at the gate" service. If I was travelling on my own I probably wouldn't have paid this extra fee, but I was with my wife. And to go through the "diplomat/assisted" line at customs and save that 30-45 minutes after the long flight was worth every cent! Happy wife = Happy hunter!!! :)

I'll use Henry again next time for sure.
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I agree with using a service to get your rifles through the process along with taking you to the head of the lines. While I didn't use Rifle and used a different service my experience was the same. I kind of wondered on the return trip when I didn't see them at the gate but quickly found out that they would meet me once we left the secured area.

I even met Wayne Sheets the Executive Director of the NRA as he was waiting for his rifles on the return trip and guess who he was using? Rifle and he has been to Africa on numerous hunts.
Welcome to AH, Henry !
Royal PM me on the meet you at the gate service please
Wish I would've read this before hand! We tried to use Safari Concierge and their ineptness ended up not allowing us to take our rifle. Sounds like we will use Henry from now on!
Henry is great. I've never heard of a bad experience with him. I know Charlie loved the concierge service too. It certainly isn't mandatory, but after that flight it sure is nice!
On Arrival in South Africa

The new South African Police Service (SAPS) Import/Export firearm office is located in the international arrival terminal. The office will be on your right hand side as you exist the arrivals terminals, terminals A1 and A2


  1. On arrival at OR Tambo International Airport, on an International flight, proceed to Immigration.
  2. Once you have cleared Immigration, go through to the carousel to collect your luggage. You will NOT collect your gun case here, as the security company will take it directly to the SAPS Permit Office.
  3. Although you will not collect your gun case here, make sure you sign for your rifles with the security company.
  4. Proceed to clear Customs.
  5. Exit Customs into the General Meeting Area.
  6. On entry in the General Meeting Area turn right, be on the lookout for a Riflepermits.Com signboard with your name on it. A representative of Riflepermits.Com will await you here and hand you your pre-authorized permit.
  7. The Riflepermits.Com representative will take you to the SAPS Permit Office and inform you of all necessary steps to be taken.
  8. Should you decide to make use of our services, this is where you will be informed on how to be out of the Permit Office in a flash!!!
  9. Please take note: The SAPS check the Firearms and Ammunition and issue the permits, NOT CUSTOMS!
  10. Although you will not be collecting your rifles at the baggage claim area, you still NEED to SIGN for your rifles at the FIREARMS SECURITIES OFFICE which is situated at the baggage claim area, this office is just behind baggage carousel number 8 and next to the duty free/liquor store. This only applies to clients traveling with South African Airways. If you are traveling with any other airline for instance Delta, KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways or Lufthansa you don’t have to sign at the security office at the baggage claim area, you can proceed directly to the general meeting area.
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