Need Help Traveling To Or Through South Africa With Your Guns?

Upon arrival to ORTambo Kathy and I were very happy to see a smiling face holding a sign with our names on it.

Even happier to get through the SAPs deal in minutes. Henry's folks even walked us to our next flight to Port Elizabeth.

Even though I've been once, I would definitely hire Henry's services again if I were returning...especially with a connection to catch.

On my first Safari to SA I didn't use anyone to get my BOW through security. When it didn't show up on the luggage rack. The people I was meeting for my hunt said we need to go to the rifle clearance and my bow was off to the side. We said it was a bow they opened it and said sorry and gave me my bow. No $ spent!!!!
ALL the first comment were about a bow.
Hey Guys
Need a bit of advice.
An Aussie mate is going hunting in Namibia and is having a 4 day layover in Capetown. He wants to know if there is safe storage facility at Capetown airport where he can leave his rifle? He doesnt want to take it to the hotel etc.
Any help with contact names or details would be really appreciated.
I used Henry’s service for my first trip this past June 2018. It was easy to submit him all the required paperwork. I used his VIP meet and greet service also. It made it a breeze going thru customs, we bypassed the long line and went thru in a matter of minutes. Gathered luggage and off to SAPs where I met the Riflepermits rep. From the time i got off the plane to leaving with my PH was only 45 minutes. Will be using again in 2019 for sure.
If you stay at Africa Sky they will keep them in the safe for you while you do side trips.
I used Henry's Rifle service on my last trip to Africa, Namibia final destination. His company made my SAPS clearance a breeze for me and also escorted me next am to catch my departing flight and check in rifle. I observed his agent assist another client who had an error on his 4457 re rifle serial number. The spoke to SAPS agent and resolved matter with minimal effort. It would be a mistake to go cheap and not pay the very reasonal fee to expedite clearance and avoid Murphy's law ruining your trip.
I was wondering how much the whole service costs? Meet and greet included? I'd like to use their services in 2022 and trying to get a ballpark number on total costs for my first PG hunt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think the who package cost approx. $100 in 2018. They also have a service where they will escort you next day and help you check rifle/baggage if you have an overnight layover.
In 2019 I went to Botswana with a friend, who refused to use the permit service. We ended up having several problems when checking our rifles the next day. We got scammed for an excessively high "2nd baggage fee" and no receipt available as well as being taken down into basement/baggage handling area- SAPS officer was called because we left our ammo in checked luggage-ticket agent did not ask us about ammo even though we had rifle cases. SAPS officer was professional and easy to deal with, no problem-but killed about 1 hour, unnecessary stress and request from airline employee for help buying him lunch. We would have avoided problem if we had used Henry's Rifle service to check in our rifle and baggage the next morning.
Thanks alot autofire!! Yeah I'm not going through that . I'll definitely be using them in 2022. Thanks again!! It was a big help!
I've used Air2000 for the past 15 years. even though I've been thru JoBerg 20-30 times, I still use them, as it simplifies things a lot. got to know the folks that meet us every time, and they are old friends now.

They bend over backwards to be sure we are taken care of. Have sent several other folks ( first timers) who say they would have died without their help.
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I have a Safari scheduled for May 2023, I've worked with Africa Sky for my permits before and will again, but after my Safari, We will be flying from East London to Durbin. Will I have to put my rifle in storage while in Durban or will I be able to take it to my Hotel or rental property?
I have a Safari scheduled for May 2023, I've worked with Africa Sky for my permits before and will again, but after my Safari, We will be flying from East London to Durbin. Will I have to put my rifle in storage while in Durban or will I be able to take it to my Hotel or rental property?
I will be in the Durban area for 3 days and then back to Johannesburg to fly home
Rifle Permits provides 5 STAR service and value. Used them for RSA transit permis and VIP service for assistance with intra Africa connections.
South Africa is the number one hunting destination in Africa and most safari hunters will at least transit through South Africa even if they are not staying in the country to hunt. That's why the services of are so valuable. They can help you navigate the stressful and cumbersome process of transiting or importing your guns into South Africa making it easy and less time consuming. work hand in hand-in-hand with the South African Police Services (SAPS) to provide import/export or in-transit permits for your firearms before you even arrive in South Africa. They will hand deliver your pre-authorized permit to you on arrival and also guide you through the procedure at the SAPS Permit Office making it as hassle free as possible.

They also have rifle storage facilities for those who just want to do a bit of traveling or sight seeing in South Africa as well. They can help make your hunting safari a great experience from start to finish!

For more information visit their website!

Henry Durrheim
- QUICK & EASY arrival with your firearm in South Africa! We'll meet you and escort you through it...



Henry with a client after successful clearance of his rifles.

When I disembarked a gent in a dark suit had my name on a card and took me in the express route to the airport police office where a lovely couple cleared my rifle and walked me to the Airport Intercontinental. Absolutely flawless service for meet and greet and rifle clearance. Thank you Henry and colleagues.

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