NAMIBIA: Westfalen Hunting Safaris

Great zebra! Did you get everything you went after?
Like the very distinct look of the mountain zebra without the shadow stripe. Wish they cost less in SA :)
Very nice report. Namibia will be my next stop in a few years. Anyone know of some outfits that you can also have an opportunity with a bow?

Although I did a rifle hunt, Westfalen is set up for bowhunting. Another option is Ozondjahe Safaris, owned by AH founder Jerome.
Great zebra! Did you get everything you went after?

Hi Charlie. The two priority animals were zebra and oryx, so I was happy I got 'em. I wanted a springbok, but we could not connect - we had a few busted stalks due to other animals getting in the way!

By the way I had a chat with Pieter Erasmus and he told me about your upcoming leopard hunt - best of luck getting old spots!

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