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Jul 2, 2012
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Namibia, South Africa, USA
Free Range Safari with Westfalen Hunting Safaris

Location: Northern Namibia, between Outjo and Kamanjab
Date: March 2016
Hosts: Juliana and John van der Westhuizen
PH: Gideon
Tracker: Reinhardt
Rifle: BRNO 30-06 with RWS 200 grain nickel plated bullets

Executive Summary:
Westfalen delivered an adventurous safari with comfortable lodging, gourmet meals and a very hardworking staff. Their property is free range and all hunting is done with high ethics. My wife accompanied me as an observer and all her needs and requests were diligently fulfilled. John and Juliana are excellent hosts and I hope to return soon.

Animals Taken: Trophy Oryx, Mountain Zebra, Cull Oryx

Other animals seen:
Kudu (a few each day)
Giraffe (a few each day)
Warthog (a few each day)
Steenbok (about one each day)
Red Hartebeest (20 during entire safari)
Springbok (10)
Desert Elephant (2)
Damara Dik Dik (2)
Klipspringer (3)
Bat Ear Fox (2)
Black-backed jackal (1)
Baboon (8)
Mongoose (1)

Westfalen is remote, it took over 5 hours to reach camp from Windhoek Airport. The region we hunted was sparsely populated ranch land. Because it was an early season hunt in March, there was a lot of foliage which made the hunting more challenging - however this disadvantage was overcome with a very hard working PH. Here is a panorama of the hunting area:


The first morning when I saw our hunting vehicle, I got a little worried :eek:


But when I was told there is also a Toyota, my mind was put at ease! In all seriousness, the Land Rover was excellent - no breakdowns! My wife actually commented on the comfort of the suspension.

The food was outstanding. Here is a photo of our first evening's dinner, oryx schnitzel with mashed potatoes, gravy, squash and broccoli. This was followed by a delicious dessert.


Hors d'oeuvres were served each evening when we returned from the bush. Here is smoked zebra meat with a shot glass of robust gazpacho.

The terrain is dotted with koppies (granite outcroppings) which we used to spot game:


If you are interested in hunting oryx, you could easily take two each day. If there were any more oryx, they would be a road hazard! I took both my oryx at sunset, which made for a very memorable experience.

I found the mountain zebra hunt to be challenging as we did our stalk along the koppies. My PH got me within 110 yards of a nice stallion and I took the shot from the koppie.

I was very pleased that all hunting was done by stalking and all shots were taken far from the vehicle. My wife and I were the only clients in camp and John does not commingle groups - so you have the place all to yourself. If anyone is interested in hunting with Westfalen, I suggest you pull the trigger and book a hunt! But if you need convincing, feel free to send me a PM!

Women from a local Himba village:
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Glad you had a great time! That first scenery picture is just stunning...

I want a dik dik so bad....
Well written report thanks! How many days were you hunting with them?
One of these days I'll hunt one of those Hartmann!

Congrats on your successful hunt.
Thanks for the hunt report!
Glad to see you had a great hunt. Those are some very nice animals you got.One day I will see namibia and all it has to offer.
Some more detail on the mountain zebra hunt:

On the third hunting day we drove to the second camp/lodge (John has two camps). We drove deep into the hunting area, parked the Land Cruiser, and scaled a koppie to do some glassing. At about 500 yards away we saw 2 free ranging desert elephants tearing their way through bushes. We spotted some oryx, which are everywhere in this region and eventually found a herd of mountain zebra. They were about 400 yards away so we waited to see which direction they were moving. We waited for close to 2 hours and they eventually moved to the base of a nearby koppie. We then did a stalk along these rock outcroppings and after about 20 minutes we emerged facing the herd at about 120 yards. My PH focused on the best stallion in the group and I took the shot from the koppie. This is not the same koppie but the setup is the same:

The shot was a bit high and actually hit the spine, so the stallion dropped instantly:


A beautiful stallion that did not come easy. My wife and tracker watched the hunt from the original koppie from which we spotted the herd. My wife already decided we will have a felt-backed rug of this beast - it will invoke memories of a great adventure.
Glad you had a great time! That first scenery picture is just stunning...

I want a dik dik so bad....

Royal - My wife recorded about 6 hours of video. I am in the process of making a safari video. For that reason, we did not take many photos of animals as we were filming. I have a 2 minute clip of a damara dik dik - it is so close that you can see the tuff of hair between the horns! John will have no problem putting you on a dik dik so keep him in mind.
Well written report thanks! How many days were you hunting with them?

We were there for 6 nights with 5 full hunting days - definitely did not want to leave on the last day! The hunting would have been easier without all the leaves, but if I return I may want to hunt at the same time because it is so beautiful. Although it is semi-desert, everything was green and there were no ticks or mosquitoes.

And for those that want to bring your wife:

My wife has a discerning comfort level and prefers to stay in 4 star hotels. This was her first safari and first trip to Southern Africa and she was very pleased with the accommodation at Westfalen. She went out hunting with us each morning and afternoon. She even said she would like to bring our daughter here when she reaches 5 or 6 years old. So your wife and children will be comfortable here.

This is where we ate dinner each night:

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Over the last few years I've read many excellent hunt reports about John's outfit. This is the first I recall reading about that was done during the early season. The greenery in your pics is spectacular and I'm sure it added to the challenge as you mentioned.

Well done!
Thanks for the report, nice pics!
Congratulations on a couple of nice animals.

It is beautiful in Africa this time of year even though it is hotter and makes it harder to see animals.

Glad you had a great time. Thanks for posting the report.(y)
Wonderful photos- sounds like a great hunt. Congrats!
Thanks for your report. Westfalen looks like a beautiful place. I can't wait to see it for myself in August.
I am new here and want to first thank everyone that contributes, your knowledge and experience has helped me plan my hunt. I will be hunting with Westfalen late July early August so vette447, maybe we will get to meet. Leaving camp August 8th. Unfortunately I am a gluten of punishment and will be traveling with my whole family. Wife and 4 kids ages 15 to 4. Before you ask, it was the only way I was going to Africa! Will definitely write a hunt report. Thanks again and good luck.
Great story and pics, and thanks a bunch for sharing them with us. I love Namibia.
Very nice report. Namibia will be my next stop in a few years. Anyone know of some outfits that you can also have an opportunity with a bow?

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