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Aug 5, 2010
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Well here goes.
The beginning of the hunting report instalments for the Ozondjahe expedition.

Exactly 24 hours to departure.

Jerome could provide lessons to anyone on how to manage a client centered business. I intended to show up and take it as it came. Excited to get there, but going to go day to day. It helps to completely trust the guy in charge. (Oh yeah, perhaps having visited Namibia before leaves me pretty certain I will enjoy the country.)
Anyone booking a hunt needs to spend time communicating with the people directly involved in your adventure. You learn so much about them and their style.

Granted I know J from AH. That is a different relationship.

Communication is second to none. If I have a question it is answered and more questions are solicited actively. I know the PH's, Guides, trackers, etc.

When I asked a question(s), I got sent a link to an exclusive information page that answered it all. NO dead links, all relevant information. For a guy who researches as much as I do that is saying something, to be able to answer my questions that quickly and thoroughly.

Enough said. I am so comfortable about the arrangements and how seamlessly this has gone about the Safari portion.

You know the airline firearms permit portion from the other thread.

Well calm and cool was all blown straight to HE*L! after a skype meeting with J.
All nonchalant and then we start talking about the Hyena baiting and everything is just fine. A Brown Hyena euro mount will make my wife's day.
Then it dawns on me to ask; "Will a Leopard come into the baits? I'd love to get a picture up close." "I'd also love to get some pictures of Cheetahs." J immediate response is about a lot of Cheetah activity has been occurring lately. Just what I wanted to hear.

Hunting Cheetah with the "Big White Gun". This nick name was provided by Kemp Landman at Leeukop Safaris during my safari in 2011. I got to "hunt" Leopard with it. What an incredible experience to watch a mated pair and on a subsequent day to actually film an entire stalk on a Bushbuck. No kill. Never forget it. So to see a Cheetah in action I can hardly wait.

"Oh, a Leopard Permit has come back". At least that is what I heard. The sun finally rose on my consciousness and I finally had a flash or realization; He said Leopard Permit!!
"Really?!" I believe J had to repeat himself twice. If you want to do this we have to get working on this right now.

I have had the debate with numerous people about cat hunting along with watching cat hunting debates on the net. I knew the issues that needed to be resolved so I began to learn.
I participated in a Leopard Aging study and I recently ran into the published results. Since I had my own results, I compared them to the rest. I am not to bad, considering I have never actively hunted a Leopard. (Mom said studying helps you learn.)
After reading up on cat conservation and CITES, CIC docs and all the Leopard books and every last hunting report I could find along with videos of actual hunts I had come around on hunting Leopards.
By the way, this did not just happen in a moment. It has taken at least three years to complete that process.

One very important tidbit I have learned from all my wanderings on AH and reading the advice about "taking trophies of opportunity" when providence shines on you, is that you do not look gift horses in the mouth and that hot iron needs to be struck. I have watched it happen with regularity with hunting offers on AH and low and behold it happened right in front of my eyes.

Yes, I am going Leopard hunting to start "the return". Plains game just got shifted to Dangerous Game.

Thanks J for the opportunity to hunt this incredible animal.
Eric who started the education long ago with one of his hunt reports that just rang true and Ses for reverberating the same advice. Great advice and I just took it. Thanks


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Envy is the best word I can come up with...I can't wait to hear the finer details of how the whole adventure plays out and of course see some of the awesome photos I know you will take. Safe travels and straight shootin' always.
You Lucky Dog! Leopard and plains game Dreams do come true. I'll be tracking this thread. Have fun Bob
Best of luck to you on the leopard hunt! I'll be waiting for details and hopefully pictures of the hunt. Namibia is one my favorite countries in the world, I'll return one day to do some more hunting there!
We all look forward to hearing all about it! Good luck and safe travels Brick!!
A leopard cannot change it's spots, for it is an opportunistic hunter itself with unequaled ability to adapt. Sounds like the perfect hunt. Hopefully you will be able to shoot some "bait" to calm the nerves. Breath shallow, aim well Brick. Wow! good for you.
Outstanding BB.....good luck getting sleep on the plane!
Thanks Guys.
I am certainly pumped about this trip.

I plan to try to wear out the still and video cameras. If I manage to get anything worth sharing I'll make sure I get it on AH, asap.

Just copied a bunch of articles on Leopard, in the unlikely event that I will sleep on the plane. :)

May as well bring Chui and Into the Thorns along for another spin.

That Red Duiker is still jumping into my mind, along with Eland, Kudu, Nyala, Steenbok, Hyena,......
Yeah, I am buzzing. So much for experience and having been to Africa before. I am not at the been there done that stage for sure..

Like a friend told me long ago about running dogs; "If you do not get butterflies beforehand, its time to quit!"
He's right and I am no where near ready to quit.

I just repacked the gun case with three trail cams and extra batteries. It's ready.
The camera bag has everything in it except the computer. The last item to hit the bag.
Now the cloths into the duffel and I am ready to hit the trail.
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Lots of us wish we were going with you. I predict a great time. Looking forward to the pics and stories. Bruce
Best of luck, Bob !

Waiting for the story....:popcorn:
The bags are packed and ready to go.

The extra trail cams were cut into the gun case, Batteries, since those available in Africa are not quite as good as what we can get apparently.
The knives are in the foam. No confiscations this time.
Ear plugs, Frankfurt Gun Permit and Passport Photo.


Just have to dump the computer into the carry on and I am out of here.

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Last goodbyes to the Canadian flag on the way through the airport.

Made it through security and only had to get half naked. Just the boots off.
Redistribute some weight into carry on and pay the Air Canada firearm tax.
I knew it was going to happen, it just pisses me off to pay fifty bucks for a piece of paper.
Trained the new staff member on how to deal with firearms. Training day at the airport.
I am here so early that it did not phase me in the least.

The "Oversize Baggage" Security guy was on the ball. At least he looked at the screen and wanted to know what those cylindrical things were in with the firearm. Batteries. Made me feel better that he was on the ball.

It is a great day to leave for sure. Wet and cloudy. Wish I could pack the clouds and bring the water to Namibia

One step closer.

Now I can get back to burning some time reading other peoples hunting reports before I have to turn this computer off and stuff it back in the pack. :)
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All you guys going to Africa this year are really starting to annoy me!:mad: I am just green with envy. Looking forward to more story and pix. Your weather looks just like ours here in the NW corner of WA state!:rolleyes:
It turned out that reading about Leopard hunting was fairly interesting and it was combined with bumping, banging and the other various interferences with sleep that come when you do not fit in an airplane seat.

ZERO SLEEP on the flight.

I was optimistic when I arrived to be able to get out and see the town.
I bought the Frankfurt Card, got a SIM for the phone. Frankfurt APP worked like a charm.
Updates you on your flights, when gates are open, boarding, etc.

Frankfurt is one huge airport.

However, it is closer to 2 Million degrees C here and 2000% humidity.
I literally melted. Everyone was sweating, but I won the contest outright.

I managed to find my way to the HILTON. This picture is what I saw for two hours.


We got dumped onto the runway, no gate. A bus drove us in to the terminal.
A closer look at the plane from the tarmac.


Waiting for the bus to move in the sun and heat was what it was but it sapped my energy after no sleep.

Customs guys were awesome. The office in the arrivals baggage area.
Walk in and start chatting.
Left the Ammo and Firearms with them. We checked my Transit permit and they just said come back when you are ready.


Got my receipt and was told to just come back.

Press the button on the wall between B1 and B2 and you'll be let back in.


Found my way to the Air Namibia Check in in Terminal 2 E after taking the Skyline. This is a train you must take between terminals unless you are the toughest guy on the planet and want to walk the km's/miles.


The ladies were awesome. Got a real seat with some leg room. No extra charges for my guns.

But, as I sat waiting for security/POLICE to show up to check my firearms I overheard a fellow from the EU that he was being charges 80 EURO to bring his firearm along. He paid it but was not happy that he had not been informed.

The boys in blue came and had a look at the Ammo and Rifles. Actually checked the permit and the Ammo.
Pleasant thorough and done within 7 minutes.
I asked the boys if I could take their picture and they seemed amused and said sure.


(Apologies for the Shaky mobile pictures. I was not unloading the big gun in the airport)

Bags onto the cart and I await the flight to Windhoek.

The shorter flight is better on you.
You do need to have sleep if you have a half a hope of doing anything while you are here.
But, Leopard learning or sleeping. I guess I made my choice and paid for it.
Another lesson learned.

I will fly this route again for sure.

I can hardly wait for Star Trek to become a reality.
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Glad to hear that all went smoothly in Germany, it is a nice route when traveling to Namibia. Try to get some sleep on Air Namibia... your almost there!
I hope you have a great trip Brickburn! I hope you enjoy the leopard hunting...I'm sure the plains game will be wonderful if a big tom doesn't give you an opportunity. I've taken the Frankfurt option a couple of times now and I really enjoy the airport there. From my experiences it puts other big airports such as LAX and Tokyo Haneda to shame. Good luck and I look forward to the hunting side of your report.
Great to hear the loooonnggg flight is out of the way for you BB! Looking forward to the updates. Best of luck
The GOOD STUFF is coming soon, not to many people enjoy the plane ride. The first trip I was so excited, nothing mattered.
The GOOD STUFF is coming soon, not to many people enjoy the plane ride. The first trip I was so excited, nothing mattered.

+ 1 first trip you couldn't have ticked me off unless you cancled the flight.

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