NAMIBIA: Ozondjahe Safaris May 2009

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May 21, 2009
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I have returned from my second trip to Ozondjahe in three years, a 10-day plains game hunt, and the trip was fantastic. I felt like I was returning home from the moment we reached the main gate, an experience that was enhanced when we were met by the Ozondjahe staff. My major objectives on this hunt were black wildebeest and waterbuck. I was fortunate to take an exceptional waterbuck and a black wildebeest that I consider to be excellent. Despite the fact this was a two-on-one hunt, I also had several opportunities to take impala, gemsbok and kudu that were equal to熔r maybe a bit better than--the fine trophies I took a couple years ago (when I also successfully took a leopard). However, I voluntarily held out for something truly exceptional and enjoyed the hunt, although now I am having some second thoughts about a kudu I passed with a few days left in the hunt. We did see a gemsbok that fit the bill but could not close the deal on him. PH Francois Roberts is a good hunter and a great guy with whom to spend time in the field. My friend, on his first trip to Africa, harvested good kudu, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, impala, steenbok and warthog and had a great experience on his first African safari.



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Thanks for the hunt report! I am excitedly looking forward to my hunt in Namibia 2010 with Ozondjahe Safaris. I just can't wait! Love the pictures :).
Congradulations! I love the pictures. Sorry to hear about missing out on the Kudu. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing your pictures and hunt story!
How big is the waterbuck and Black wildebeest

Trophies to be proud off...
Congratulation Paul, look like you had a great time.
We are five guys planning for Namibia in 2011 and Ozondjahe is high on our list of posiible locations.

Can you fill in a bit more about what the terrain was like, the amount of game seen, as well as distances driven each day spotting for game?

After two trips to RSA (Limpopo / Northern Cape) we are looking for something different this time, and even though Ozondjahe is fenced, I understand that the areas are vast.
The terrain is mostly relatively level, with some rolling terrain and one large ridge (several miles long). They have areas that are heavy bush to fairly open. They have very good impala, a good number of very good blackwildebeest, some great waterbuck. I saw a lot of good but few great kudu, gemsbok and blue wildebeest. Mountain (Hartmann's) zebra are fair in number but difficult to locate and stalk--it may take 2-3 days to find if they are priority. Plains (Burchell) zebra are more common. Duiker, steenbok, warthog, and red hartebeest are common, as are ostrich, baboons and jackal. They have some blesbok and springbok but not much in trophy class when I was there. Game is plentiful and can be very close to the lodge--you literally drive out of the lodge compound and can see game. My first trip I took a very good kudu and a great impala both only 15-20 minutes from the lodge. There is no time lost driving long distances to a hunting area--you are hunting immediately when you leave the compound. If you are interested in incidental birdwatching, it is fantastic. Their basic schedule is to hunt abouit 5 hours in the morning, back to the lodge for lunch and a couple hour break, and another 3-4 hours late afternoon or evening until dark. The property is so huge you don't hunt the same general area two days in a row unless you saw a good animal and make the decision to go back and look for it. The high fence is not a problem--I had the same question and concern before my first trip there. Most of the time you are hunting literally miles from the fence. The animals have plenty of territory to hide and evade--most of them have probably never seen the fence. Despite the perimeter fence, I consider the experience there true "fair chase". The accomodations (individual bungalows for two hunters) and food, etc. are great. I have not hunted So. Africa, but I absolutely love Namibia and Ozondjahe. You can't go wrong with them, in my opinion. Paul Brisso
Thank you Paul, just what I wanted to hear.
They are climbing still higher on my list :)

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