NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Namibia Safari Corporation?


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Apr 11, 2019
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Hello all ....

My family and I are scheduled with Namibia Safari Corporation (NSC) for May 2020 and was wondering if anyone who has hunted with them in the past year or so has any feedback.

So far, communications have been smooth, reasonable prompt and have shown attention to detail ... always a bonus.

What I'd really like to know is other peoples hunting and non hunting experiences as well as some insight to the trophy quality.

Thanks in advance for any information!

I hunted with Jaco in April 2018. You can find my hunt report by searching my name in the Hunt Reports section. I was very happy with my experiences with them.
Jaco's wife, Marinda, will probably pick you up in Windhoek upon your arrival. Be cautious of too tight a connection at JNB. My luggage and rifles did not arrive until the afternoon. You'll then drive to the lodge. He has two separate guest buildings on the farm. I stayed in the larger one. It was probably the nicest room I've had in four safaris.
I don't know what you're hunting, but I can tell you that there is an abundance of game. It's neat to see large herds of Gemsbok and Red Hartebeest as Namibia is their natural range.
The landscape is fabulous in his area of the Khomas Highlands. You're going in a good time of the year.
The food was creative and very good.
The rifle zeroing area is nicely set up with whatever equipment you may need.
The Cape Eland in my avatar was taking with Jaco in northern Namibia somewhere east of Grootfontein.
I'm hoping to hunt with him again in a few years. That's the best compliment that I can give an outfitter.
I don’t have any firsthand experience. But I started looking into them last year. I heard nothing but good. So much so that I booked a trip for this May as well.

My brother hunted in the same generally area a few years back and took a very large hartebeest.
Thank you both for the response! Nice o hear (and see) more positive information.

Everett, we're going the first week of May ... perhaps we'll meet in person!

Looking forward to the trip and any more responses to this post.

I’m scheduled to arrive the 15th. If I miss you there, I look forward to comparing hunting reports afterward.
We depart the 16th. Hopefully our paths will cross.
Will definately be sure to compare reports after the fact.
Until then Sir ... good day.
Hunted with them in May, 2019.......had a great time and a great hunt....good choice.....FWB

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