Mauser M98 Magnum VS Dakota Model 76 African

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Apr 19, 2017
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Hertford, NC
I'm a big fan of the M98, CZ550, M70, Dakota 76...etc CRF actions.
Just wondered if there a specific reason you are limiting yourself to CRF actions?
Not looking to start a CRF/PF debate...just asking a question.
I know there are several here who use a PF for DG hunting...some are even PH's.
I personally don't see a problem with it as long as the rifle is reliable and the hunter is competent.
I also believe the same goes for a CRF rifle, which can have issues as well.
Either way, the kinks need to be worked out with proper practice and training.

I was thinking the exact same thought. Whatever to OP picks will be an informed decision for certain.


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Aug 4, 2018
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There is an upgraded 550 in 450 Rigby on Gunbroker . Includes 200 rounds of ammo and a new set ot RCBS dies for $3500.
Don’t know how much trouble to get it to Australia and how long and if you would accept a CZ.
Could have it sent to AHR for a go over.My 550 416 Rigby takes 4 in the mag and I can get one in the chamber, the 450 Rigby should do the same.
Don’t mean to jack your question just giving you info.
By the way who cares if it priority(it’s not), as you reload you can make brass from 416 Rigby.
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Apologies, been somewhat preoccupied with (poor) health issues; were you interested in the Norma factory 550 grain Solid 450 Rigby ammo I mentioned?
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