In memoriam - Our Brother @Clayton has passed on

Thanks for sharing Cody.
I did not know Clayton, but any man that was worthy of such a moving tribute made an impact on this world. Thank you for sharing.
Soy médico y cazador, me involucro en cuidados paliativos. Hace poco tiempo perdí un paciente de cáncer de páncreas. Me has emocionado tu historia. A ti te honra
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Gracias, tienes un trabajo que no pude realizar. mucho respeto para ti señor
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Thank you for sharing Cody. Sorry for your loss. This shows the true character of the man.

My condolences.
Cody, so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story.

@Clayton, rest in peace, and enjoy the green fields of heaven.
Man I just saw this.
Prayers to his family and friends. I didn’t know him well but talked to him on the phone once and he was a hoot!
Cody - Incredible post and inspirational. You are a heck of a friend! You were both lucky to know each other. I know that Clayton is now wrapped in the loving arms of the Lord.
Just saw this post Cody. My heart breaks for the loss of your friend brother. God has a way of bringing good people together in times of need. I'm sure the intent was to enrich the final time in Clayton's life with your friendship. Sounds like the enrichment went both ways. As Tim said, he is in a far better place, free of pain and suffering. I mourn with you friend.
Cody so sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like we all lost something whether we knew him or not.
Sorry for your loss Cody my friend! Never easy to say goodbye to a good friend..... Wonderful tribute sir!

All my best,

Many of us have been privileged to hunt overseas. While that special trip alone can make fantastic memories, hunting with family or friends is what really sweetens the memories.

To find a friend like Clayton, will provide a lifetime of memories. The gifting of his rifle to you was intended so that a tangible manifestation of your friendship would go on hunts together.

You'll never forget your friendship with Clayton.
There's just something about Walnut and Old Iron.

A fitting weekend as we remember why we have Memorial Day I got to use my friend’s rifle again. Gone but long from forgotten to everyone that this holiday represents!
@Bullthrower338 sorry for the loss of your dear friend, been off AH for a few months learning all I can about reloading at another site and just read this for the first time. Remember the good times you had with Clayton and try to smile when thinking of him. RIP.......
I did not know Clayton, but I do know that he was indeed a fortunate man to have a friend post such a wonderful tribute. Thank you Cody for sharing a bit of that friendship with all of us.
I agree with Red Leg.
Thanks Cody.
I believe Clayton is looking down and grinning ear to ear. You have definitely done him proud with that rifle, what a beautiful Axis Deer. God was using his best paintbrush when he created them :)
Thank you for sharing Cody.
Thanks for sharing such a great tribute to your friend. You both obviously had such fine character that it makes me proud to be part of AH. The members of this site are true sportsmen and gentlemen in the best sense of the word.

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