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Sep 23, 2017
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While India has been closed, and magnificent biodiversity, a country to the east is not closed. This is a small country with rich culture, little tourism is open to hunting. I managed to get the laws for this country. It is a little hard to understand. Zimbabwe looks like Mexico compared to Bangladesh. Since Bangladesh has 156 million people, you get what I mean. This website should help in hunting South Asia again.


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That's actually really cool. The legal structure seems to be typically British, like what would have been in place in Kenya back in the day, I bet.

We will have to see if they have enacted authorizing regulations concerning the number of tags etc. It wouldn't suprise me if the funds haven't been there to update the operation of the law. When I get a chance, I will see if I can pull anything up on this. Maybe the consulate can help?
Nobody has gone here. No wonder they haven't invested in conservation. Most of hunters are city people who have licenses, or (majorly) are poachers. Wildlife is seen as a nuisance. Seem familiar? Like Kenya today, or Tanzania when it was closed. Tigers are currently hunted in SA. If the some tigers were brought her, The population would jump up. Who knows, one day tiger hunting could be legal again!

I'll put country info here, though I would like help. Since it is a banana republic (really jute/tea republic) PETA wouldn't be that powerful.
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Back when I was in law school one of my Professor's husband was in Bangladesh, teaching the locals not the poop in the drinking water. I wonder how much as changed? From looking at Wikipedia not much. I'll pass on hunting there. But thanks for the information.
Fast Facts
Country Name: Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
Continent: Asia
Area: 56,997 sq. mi./147570 sq. km.
Avg. Population density:2,644 per sq. mi./1021 per sq. km. (Skewed by large cities)
Highest Point: Keokradong:4035 ft./1230 m.
Lowest point: Bay of Bengal:sea level
Grasslands: Sundarbans. Located in the south. Borders Bay of Bengal. Extends into India
Bays: Bay of Bengal. Feeds into the Indian Ocean
Brahmaputra: Tributary of the Ganges. Extends into India
Ganges:has mouth in the Bay of Bengal. Extends to India
Jamuna:tributary in the Ganges. Joins with Brahmaputra
Mouth of the Ganges. Feeds into the Bay of Bengal. Extends into India.
Independence:December 16,1971
Former Name:East Pakistan
Bordering Countries: India, Burma (2)
Administrative Divisions: Barisal,Chittagong, Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet. (7 divisions)
Ethnic/Racial Groups: Bengali
Religions Islam,Hinduism
Languages: Bangla(Bengali), English
Currency: taka
Current Prime Minester:Sheikh Hasina Wajed
Cities (capitol, or large city)
Dhaka: Central Bangladesh. Capital, most populated city (14,251,000)
Chittagong: SE Bangladesh. Chief port in Bay of Bengal
Khulna: SW Bangladesh. Located near the Sundarbans in the mouth of the Ganges
Climate: mild winters, hot summers, warm and rainy monsoon seasons
Natural Resorces: natural gas, arable land, timber, coal
Agricultural Exports: rice, jute, tea, wheat, beef
Major Exports: garments, jute and jute goods, leather, frozen fish and sea food
Natural Hazards: Droughts, Cyclones, heavy rains, floods
So, have we determined if hunting by non-residents is possible in Bangladesh?

it is possbile. You can contact any of the Bangladesh forum members here. Or you can contact american mr @Hoss Delgado who has hunted in bangladesh 2016.
I had the same question recently: post no 76.

May I break a party, and add one more question, not strictly related to the subject, but that could be interesting for all those hunters reading Jim Corbet, and having Indian hunting nostalgia in their minds:
Is Bangladesh open for hunting for foreign hunters and what species may be legally hunted?

I have the answer to that question since l have been there and hunted deer there in 2016 :) . I described this in a thread long ago . You need local police written permission to hunt in the local area where you intend to hunt . Once a year you go for Ducks/ geese , once a year you go for Deer. This doesn't include the birds , rabbits or deer one may hunt over private land :) like tea gardens . Boars are seen as nuisance animals which often break into tea gardens and are shot . Tiger hunting is banned there Sadly :( . Bears in the Moulvibazaar area can be shot on private land .
Regarding foreign hunters , yes :)
However , you need a reference . I have , since my family has conducted shipping business there since the 1960s ( which is how my Granddad met Mr. Karim and Mr. Rahman ) . You can also bring no more than 2 guns and 250 rounds into the country ( fair enough :D ) .
Not bad for a third world country ( No offense , Mr. Rahman :p )
Last time l checked locally available ammo was : .22 LR ( assorted brands ) , .22 WMR ( Assorted Brands ) , 12 gauge shotgun shells ( 2 3/4 inch , 3 inch and 3.5 inch of all sizes and brands up to 000 buck :D ) . Mr. Karim can corroborate if anything has changed :)
So, have we determined if hunting by non-residents is possible in Bangladesh?
If you would like to know about hunting Bangladesh I suggest you read Major Khan postings or Sgt Kawshick Rahman and Panther Shooter as they all hunt Bangladesh and major Kahn and Sgt Rahman live there.
Cheers mate Bob

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