How to make it count in Botswana?


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Aug 31, 2012
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Hi Tap,
Good Grief, thats a fantastic Elephant area. The water is not really an issue there, you're quite some distance from the Okavango Delta. I shot mine in NG41 in 2006. Here's my take on what size to expect. I shot mine sixty something x sixty something at noon on day two. We had walked up to and looked at 18 bulls before I shot mine. We could have shot a 55-60 relatively easy, just about any day. Here's what I would do If I had to do it over.

I would hold out for 10 days for something in the 70's. Like I said on day 11 you can lower your standards a bit. I wish I would have waited, that said, I am 100 percent satisfied with my total experience.

I would be willing to bet you kill your bull in the Mababe depression, near the village of Mababe. I hunted in early May, the Jumbo's were eating palm nuts, good time of year to go.

I shot mine at 18 yards frontal brain shot and am glad i did it that way. Proper.

Hunt well and be sure to shoot a Hyaena off the carcass. It will sit and rot, the locals there aren't hungry. We went to the village and couldn't get a single person to come to the kill site.

Best of luck

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