How many here have Double Rifles with Sling Studs?


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Jul 17, 2020
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I have had them both ways just curious and if from factory or you had them installed ?
Got mine coming with sling studs installed from factory. Figured better to have and rarely use than to not have them and wish I did
I have swivel studs on all my doubles.

When on a long stalk I will use sling until we get close. Once the PH verifies my rifle is loaded, I remove the sling, roll it up, and set it on the ground. A tracker will pick it up and return it later.

Better to have it and not need it,
than to need it and not have it...
If you don't have a sling stud, but really want to use a sling, check out the loop sling from specialty outdoor products. Works like a charm.
I have had them both ways just curious and if from factory or you had them installed ? View attachment 537931
I also think at least for me…why have a sling on a DR comes into this question. For me it is not so much about carrying the rifle as much as it is using the sling when I am forced to fire off hand at a shorter distance defined as I just can’t set up sticks for several potential reasons and I want a more stable rest. Otherwise I am comfortable carrying my DR over my shoulder
'have one with 1 sling stud and half a sling. I bought it from Rain Man who previously purchased it from Forrest Gump (and Stevie Wonder prior). Quoting a friend I used to work with: "That, and $3 will get you a cup of coffee." It's whatever you want. Mark Sullivan might disagree. LOL Capstick used a Sling and TWO studs!!! LOL Are you in-fact Uncle Mike??? lol
All my hunting rifles have sling studs. Including my Merkel and Beretta double barrel rifles. I’d add sling studs to a rifle that came without.
My VC came with the front one only, not kidding. I fitted a back one because I am not good at vertical carry.
My VC came with the front one only, not kidding. I fitted a back one because I am not good at vertical carry.

I believe a rifle coming with only the front one is quite typical for the more bespoke rifles and guns. It allows the local gunsmith to make all the necessary adjustments to the stock, to have it fitted perfectly to the client, and only then install the rear stud. The piece should however have come with the rifle.
I had mine equipped with sling studs before delivery, have sling studs on all my guns except for the smooth bores.
Have them factory installed
My Krieghoff and Chapuis came with studs. All the reasons mentioned before.

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