How do you guys handle ear protection whilst on safari?

Always when at the range; either custom-molded plugs or earmuffs (both when on an indoor range). But the earmuffs are impractical for hunting.

Like others have said, I also went without when hunting with a rifle. Didn't seem to be a big deal if you were only firing 1-2 shots per day, or perhaps none at all for several days. But the ears did ring afterwards. Eventually I started wearing the custom-molded plugs when hunting, with the left ear always in and the right one partially inserted. That worked reasonably well IF you had time to insert the right ear prior to the shot.

Several years ago, I went with the electronic ear plugs (currently AXIL) and it has been the solution which works best for me.
I have a pair of ESP Stealth ear plugs. I must admit I don't wear them as much as I should. With high wind they are not the best and I primarily got them for duck hunting where other shooters are close, but it is weird to call with them in.
I use in ear electronics. I have a fair amount of hearing loss and the electronics help me to hear whispers, etc and they proved pretty good protection.

The place I get beat up the worst is watrfowl hunting in a pit blind. I have found the electronics absolutely necessary
@gearguywb - I agree for the Waterfowl Hunting and wearing “protection” - been doing that for the last 25 years and even if only ”stuffing some tissue paper in my ears” I always have some protection. The volume of shooting can be several boses of shells X 2-3 guys in the blind and occasionally you can get a “Muzzle Blast” near your ear from another gun and the RINGING hurts. I wish I had been wearing protection in the duck blind all my life, as kids we NEVER wore anything and hunted 20 days a season - fired several boxes each day….killed a lot of ducks/geese (and whatever flew by) BUT also damaged our hearing and that’s showing up Now. The only downside of wearing plugs in the duck blind - can’t hear “wings” when ducks are coming from behind you —— but now with some hearing loss ….I can barely hear “wings” anyway !!

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