How Do Y'all Pay for these Safaris?


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Apr 28, 2016
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I run our personal finances through many accounts:

New car
Her fun money
My fun money

A set amount goes into everything each month. That way when I go to cash in my rainy day fund I don't feel like I'm jeopardizing our future bc that is money earmarked to be blown anyway

Bryan Carraway

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Nov 21, 2017
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Namibia, East Cape
I dream of going on a Hunting Safari to South Africa or Namibia. My concern is how do members of this forum pay for their trips? I believe many of you are very success in your business and careers, you have put in the work over the years to be able to afford to take hunting trips. I also see families going on Safari, I just would like to know if anyone has tips or suggestions on how to save, or make money on the side.

My wife and I both work, we have two young children. We work hard, paid off our student debts, paid cash for our cars, and our mortgage payment is very low. I can't justify to my spouse going to Africa if the house isn't paid off. She is very supportive of my hunting hobby, and she would love to go back to Africa (she has been all over for Africa for her work but is in a different role now, she doesn't travel anymore) but is concerned about how we can pay for a Safari.

I know this is a random question. Any advice or in general advice would be appreciated.
Fallow, relatively speaking African safaris are reasonable. You can find a
7 day 5 animal hunt for the cost of a good elk hunt in Colorado. There are hunts that will cost over $100,000.
Talk to your wife, come up with an amount you both feel good with. Start shopping this site, the shows, and the web. It is truly a realistic dream. Join SCI and your local chapter. You will find people on this site and most involved with SCI are the friendliest, most helpful people you will ever meet.

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