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Customize Your Own Safari Drinks Carrier. Be Creative, Choose Your Own Colour, Put Your Names On So It Never Gets Lost, And Choose The Size!!

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A Bronze Lion Skull. The Detail Is Accurate, It Is Realism At Its Best.

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Bookends. A Unique Way Of Utilizing Your Entire Harvest.

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An Impala Shoulder Mount, In A Sneaking Pose.

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The lion skull is beautiful. What is made out of? How could I get more info on this product?
I think that drink carrier is brilliant!! Well done guys!
Very nice, and stunning quality!
The lion skull is beautiful. What is made out of? How could I get more info on this product?
Same question. Is it really bronze or is it a application of a bronzing effect ?
The lion skull is beautiful. What is made out of? How could I get more info on this product?
Good day @PARA45 and @buck wild. It is bronze, weighing roughly 26 pounds. Thank you for all the compliments guys.

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Kudu Pedestal Mount Taxidermy..jpg


Nyala Wall Pedestal on Custom Base


Life-Form Taxidermy is the nearest veterinary-approved facility to the Mozambican border and has been importing trophies directly from Mozambique for the past 20 years. Batches of trophies are prepared and routed by road transport to our quarantine facility in South Africa.
This is a tested and proven process, of routing trophies out of Mozambique and once all paperwork is in order and once all inspections and clearances are carried out, all runs smoothly.

Break down of the Process of exporting trophy items out of Mozambique into our Studio in South Africa.​

  • Your hunting outfitter will deliver your raw trophies to the freight agent’s depot (Safari Cargo Systems LDA) in Matola – Mozambique, where they will be recorded and packed.
  • The trophies will undergo a veterinary inspection to obtain a Mozambique Export Veterinary Certificate.
  • Mozambique wildlife export permits and or cites export permits will be issued for each trophy by Mozambique Government.
  • Veterinary inspection, bank clearance, and customs pre-clearance’s all need to be arranged before shipment can take place.
  • Life-Form Taxidermy will request an ESTIMATED import deposit / down payment from you as all the import charges will be paid upfront on your behalf. Together with a down payment a SIGNED authorisation letter will be requested from you, to enable Life-Form to apply and collect the Veterinary Import Permit from the South African Agricultural, Forestry & Fisheries Department. All invoices of how your deposit was allocated for the import charges will be forwarded to you on receipt of your trophies at our studio in South Africa.
  • Please contact us directly after your hunt to inform us of your trophies taken, and to establish contact with us. A detailed list of your trophy parts will assist in ensuring that all items are correctly stated on the Mozambique export permits from the start.
  • On receipt of the Mozambique Wildlife Export documentation. We will in turn make applications for the South African Import documentation and once received will be couriered to Safari Cargo Systems Lda in Mozambique to obtain Veterinary approval and arrange pre-clearance.
  • Trucking of trophies is done in batches as a cost-efficient benefit to clients. Transport charges are then split accordingly for space utilised per client’s batch of trophies. Updates of the progress being made will be sent to you throughout the process, to keep you informed.
  • Upon receipt of the batch of trophies at our quarantine facility, all will be inspected and cleared by S.A. nature conservation as well as a Veterinary clearance. All trophies are then individually tagged and booked into our studio and an order will be sent to each client, whether for Dip and Pack or Fully processed at our studio for re-exporting on to you abroad.
Tiny Ten collection from South Africa Grey Duiker, Sharpe's Grysbok, Oribi, Klipspringer, Steenbuck, Damara Dik-Dik, Suni, Cape Grysbok, Blue Duiker, and Natal Red Duiker.

Different but all still part of the Spiral Horn Family

The Wildebeest migration is the largest land migration of mammals in the world.


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Is this rifle sold? If not what is the weight of it and do you know if there is enough difference in diameter between the 35W and the 9.3 to allow for a rebore to a 9.3x62 which is what I am after?
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Forgive me if this is the incorrect area, I signed up to this forum just now because I wanted to be on the list to purchase a copy of your autobiography. Please feel free to pass my information along to whomever is selling. Thank you so much. I look forward to it!
I like the Tillie in my picture. They are supposed to fit loose (2 fingers inside hat band), have mesh for cooling, and hold their shape after washing.
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