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Apr 8, 2023
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Midland & San Antonio, Texas
Mexico & Canada
Hello, I’m Jason, aka CamoManJ or Mr Jason…from San Antonio & Midland, Texas. My handle, “CamoManJ” is 21 years old, derived from a mandatory costume to gain entry to a legendary Halloween party thrown by a client back then. From there, I joined my first hunting club & forum, then the next, etc. I enjoyed writing up & posting hunting reports from Texas, Saskatchewan, Canada & various ranches in Old Mexico. I have hunted whitetail deer, hogs, Nilgai, Scimitar Oryx, Wildebeest, Blackbuck, axis deer, ducks, geese, cranes, doves, quail and pheasants. My return to the hunting lifestyle after nearly 9 years of self imposed exile has been too long overdue. During that period it was time to get some serious work done & build back the bank account. I’m excited to be back & happy to discover a new forum to become a part of. I really like this site over others that I have been a member for years, especially with emphasis on African Safaris, plus the ease of posting pictures. 2024 marks the 10th year anniversary of working in the oil field for the same company. That said, my loving wife of 14 years and I have agreed that I have earned my first African Safari hopefully for September 2024. A dream come true, as I grew up reading Peter Capstick’s books, “Death in the Long Grass” as well as the rest of his books in addition to adventures of Selous, FDR & many others. My objective as a new member on AH is to learn everything I can on conservation, safari hunting, guns & ammo, pro tips, paying it forward when possible, participate in discussions, posting hunt reports & most importantly, contributing in return to the community of hunters. Thank you.

Mr Jason
Aka: CamoManJ

Hello Jason, welcome to AH. Thanks for the comprehensive background info on yourself, it is always good to get to know the person. What will you be hunting when you get to Africa?
Thank you.
The Kalahari is where my heart is at the moment, as I thrive in the hot, drier & more open desert terrain/climate. Gemsbok, Springbok, Zebra, Steenbok are the main species on my first safari in The Dark Continent. I also intend to take what Africa gives me as well as some opportunity management game culls. My hunting buddy & I are in the selection process right now, researching outfitters and what part of the Kalahari for the wild & traditional fair chase African experience. We both are used working hard & long hours in the oil field…we’ll give the game the same effort, they ought to be running like hell!
I also like the hot and dry. In fact passed up on a recent buffalo hunt because the bush was still way too green and there was a strong possibility of rain. The replacement buff hunt is late October in the hot weather, will have to get fit for that one.
Welcome to the forum. Hot hunts are all about the time of year that you go and you'll have lots of options.

Giday Jason and welcome back to hunting and the A H forums.
:S Welcome:
Welcome. Nice bull in your introduction.
Greetings CamoManJ (Mr. Jason),

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the greatest forum on earth.

When you have a spare moment, take a look into the Khomas Safaris website.

Best Regards,
Velo Dog (Paul).
Welcome to AH CamoManJ! Looking forward to your contribution.
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH CamoManJ! Nice to have you on the posting side.

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