Greetings from Finland

Welcome aboard Samu. What caliber firearm did / do you use on Moose? The creep you mentioned will get faster and faster. Soon you will come to the understanding that hunting Africa is a must.

Thank you! I’ve been to Tanzania as kid and it was already unforgettable experience.

I have 6,5x55 Tikka T3 but I’m about to accompany it with 9.3x62 for next season. Most urgently the requirements for moose hunting and other shooting are so different having two rifles just makes sense but also I somehow dislike idea of marginal caliber for purpose. Just this fall I’ve let three situations slip by as I hesitated to take the shot in fast situation. Also I want something bit more exciting to shoot to be honest..
Hello samu,

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris of Namibia, welcomes you to the best forum on earth.

The safari company that I advertise for is in Namibia however, I live in Alaska.
There are at least 15 or 20 people here that, were born in Finland (also a few people from every Scandinavian country live here).
More than one or two of them have told me that Anchorage and Helsinki enjoy very much the same weather patterns.
Anyway, we look forward to reading about your hunting (and fishing ?) in Finland.

Best regards,
Velo Dog

Slipping off topic here, would you be someone to approach if I wanted to hunt and fish in Alaska?
Samu, my favorite rifle is the 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser. I was of the opinion that it has taken a lot of Moose in the "North" country. The 9.3 x 62 will serve you very well in Finland as well as Africa. On my first safari I took a 35 Whelen which is very close to the 9.3 x 62 you are contemplating and my 6.5 x 55 Swede. Both rifles acquitted themselves very well.
Slipping off topic here, would you be someone to approach if I wanted to hunt and fish in Alaska?

I am not an Outdoor Guide, neither do my wife and myself usually invite travelers to stay in our home.
However, I will be happy to refer you to Hunting and Fishing Guides here in Alaska, no problem.
Welcome to our forum Samu. Have worked with many Finns in my past while contracting in Eastern Europe. Have highest admiration for all that I met. Looking forward to hearing your hunting stories and watching you plan your first hunt to Africa!

P.S. Velo Dog is a friend of mine. I am sure he can set you up with recommendations/contacts for any type hunt in Alaska. Good Luck with all your future hunting and fishing!!!
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Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH Samu. If this site doesn’t ignite your desire to hunt Africa, nothing will. A lot of great people here that are more than willing to help answer your questions.
Welcome and please contribute
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to AH samu. Nice to have you as part of our community. Enjoy the forum, it's very addicting!
Welcome, my introduction to this site and completion of my first African Safari was over in less than 12 months. I only arrived home days ago.

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made it to camp yesterday afternoon! had a braai with some awesome T-bones ready to start hunting for sable today!
made it to camp , had a big Braai last night with some awesome T-bones! ready to start the day!
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Well, sir, I am mighty impressed with the quality of the shell cordovan belt. I have several pairs of shoes that are shell cordovan, but had balked at paying over half that price for just a belt. Wouldn't be surprised if this belt doesn't last the rest of my life--for its color application. It sure is a universe removed from the cheaply constructed yet expensive stuff being put out there. Worth the price I paid.
getting ready for a 5 day sable hunt!
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