Government of Angola Wants to Preserve Sable Antelope

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    Government of Angola Wants to Preserve Sable Antelope

    Malanje - The Angolan government is studying mechanisms aimed at protecting the Giant Sable Antelope and preserving its habitat at the Cangandala National Park, in northern Malanje Province, ANGOP has learnt.

    The initiative comprises public and private partnerships in the light of a project under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment, through the National Department of Bio-diversity.

    Last Wednesday in Cangandala, a memorandum of understanding for protecting the animal was signed between the abovementioned ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Armed Forces, government of Malanje Province, as well as the Catholic University and the public Agostinho Neto University.

    The "Esso Angola" and "Total Angola" multinational oil firms are also partners of this memorandum for the protection of this rare animal species.

    The memorandum is part of a project that will last three years and will comprise the natural integrated reserve of Luando, which is also under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment, through the National Department of Bio-diversity.

    The project includes the taking of measures and creation of conditions for the protection and preservation of the animal, through an integrated management model and the holding of scientific research programmes, for a better knowledge of the Sable Antelope's habitat, with the inclusion of local communities in the programme of the Cangandala Natural Park and Luando reserve.

    Source: Angop

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    All my life I've been able to look up and see Giant Sable horns. My family has had a set of horns (pick ups I'm sure) brought back from Angola by my great Aunt Elsie, who was a missionary sent by the First Congregational Church in the early 1920's. She left the horns to my father and now they are mine. Its a great story. I've been in contact with Pedro Vas Pinto and get his semi-annual report and it seems that things just never get better for these Antelope. I'd like to propose a way to help both conservation of these wonderful antelope and a way for me and my son to experience African hunting. I'd like to donate the horns to a worthy conservation organization with the understanding that part of the profits be used to finance my son and I hunting for common plains game for a while. The sale of these very rare horns (antique pre-CITES) by the organization could perhaps be used to finance additional conservation efforts. I have no idea if this idea is viable and understand that verification of the authenticity of the horns is required. But thought I'd start here! Anyone out there have ideas? here they are: The Brown paper is standard 8.5x11 inch for scale.

    upload_2016-3-15_14-32-32.png upload_2016-3-15_14-32-32.png
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