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    Fellow Hunters,

    I am at my wits end searching for 7mm REM MAG ammunition manufactured by RWS/Gecko. I picked up three boxes of Gecko 7mm REM MAG in 163 gr. Soft Point Boat Tail. Frankly it was what was available at the time and I needed some ammo in a hurry.
    A quick trip to the range for a zero session shocked me! My Browning A bolt loved the stuff, one hole, five shot groups from the bench. I hunted it for the remainder of the year and had equally good results in the field, accurate and the slug performed flawlessly on red deer and big hogs.
    Here is my problem; I can’t find any more of it! I have spent three months searching every store front and catalogue with no luck. The 7mm REM MAG is not a popular caliber here in Germany. RWS/Gecko apparently is/has phased the ammo out of production. I have two rounds left. I handed one over to a private re-loader for dissection and possibly reproducing. The other I am holding on to as a reference in the event I get back to the states and can buy the components. Unfortunately Gecko is adamant in not releasing the recipe for their ammo and the European powders etc are not mainstream in the USA.
    Does anyone know of a store or catalogue that has Gecko 7mm REM MAG, 163gr SPBT in stock? If you do I would appreciate the tip. I will buy what they have on hand and carry it back to Germany if needed. Hope someone out there can help me out on this one.

    Just chalk this one up to the trials and tribulations of living overseas...aaarrgg! Some times these little things can be so frustrating!

    (I know reloading is the answer but that is not as easy in Germany as it is in the US. Lots of licensing and storage requirements that make it cost ineffective for me)

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