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Mar 20, 2024
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How many have full body mounts of your African animals? I'm considering a full mount of a Kudu or Gemsbuck for my upcoming safari. I just find that you miss out on the side stripes of the Kudu and some of the coloring of the Gemsbuck with only doing pedistal/shoulder mounts.

Please share pictures of what you have.
Those would both be very large but if you got the room go for it. I have a full body leopard I am picking up soon.
i have small full bodies caracal, porcupine, aardwolf, gennet cat, two monkeys, baboon, jackal, two crows, springhare, and they still take up a fair amount of space, If you have a large trophy room and the finances for the taxidermy and shipping, go for it.

Check out this site to get an idea on sizes. The Jackal/springhare are mine.

I hear ya. I got talked into a full black bear a few years ago. It's cool, but wish I would have went with a rug instead.
Got a black bear hunt this winter. I was thinking rug or throw blanket. Which do you think?
I have small stuff, klipspringer, bush duiker,steenbok and baboon. I will continue to full body mount anymore tiny ten and varmints I shoot. Hoping for a genet and sharpes grysbok next year. I would also like a full mount of a good bushbuck if I can get the combination of good horns and good hair. That’s about all I have room for. Or if I ever go and kill a bongo.
I have a full body warthog and bushbuck. My dog, when he was a puppy, chewed the “foliage” off the bases. Other than that, if I had to do it over, I don’t think I would have due to cost. Also, they do take up space, I really don’t have. Tangent to that, that taxidermist didn’t do a great job.
I have done some of the tiny 10 and predators. I also have a full body Aoudad, Chamois, and Tahr. Kudu and Gemsbuck look awesome in shoulder mounts so I would not do those particular animals but save the back skin. Other animals like Nayla, Bongo, Bears, Cats and most predators look better as fully body mounts.

I would full body a Bongo if I ever get one, but other big mounts are too big for my space.
If you have the room, then go for it.

I shot a black bear in Canada and had a rug done and hated it ever since. It takes up floor space that I don't have, so I just put it on the bed in a guest bedroom and when I have guest I roll it up and put it under the bed.
I have full body mounts on bongo, leopard, crocodile, bushbuck, baboon, monkey, black bear, brown bear, some of them take a lot of room. My Dad also wanted to show off the stripes on a kudu so he took an additional female and had a rug made out of it.
I grew up in the country, so one year for Halloween we went to a neighborhood where a friend of my mom's lived. She knew I liked hunting so she took me across the street to a taxidermist's house. He had a full body mount giraffe that went up past his catwalk on the second floor. Was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen, but probably a pain to maneuver around all the time.
I hear ya. I got talked into a full black bear a few years ago. It's cool, but wish I would have went with a rug instead.
My story is just the opposite. 40 some years ago when I shot my Mountain goat he had a large body and full winter coat and my taxidermist wanted to do a full mount of him so much that he cut his price for a full mount in half, but back then I didn't have room for a full mount, so I only had him done in a half mount. I like the half mount, just wish I had done a full mount.

As to the OP's original question, a full mount Kudu or Gemsbok would take up a lot of space, and IMO would look "out of place" unless they were in some sort of diorama.

I also had a half mount done of my Nyala, and I like it.

I have a number of other full mounts, but only 2 from Africa, my Leopard and Cape Grysbok. I'm waiting for my taxidermist to do full mounts of a Caracal and Civet.

My "hippie cow" takes up a bit of room, but there was no question of not having him done in a full mount.
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I have life sized leopard and warthog. My wife has a life sized springbuck. From NA I have life sized alligator, bobcat, grey fox, fox squirrel, otter, black bear, brown bear and Dall sheep. also have a couple of bass and several ducks. Going forward I have plans and space for life sized mt. goat, mt lion and African lion. I will take a few more pics next time I am at the lake and add them as well if I had unlimited space and money, I would get lots of stuff life sized.


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Like other have said, if you have the space go for it. After the Eastern cape safari, my wall space is shrinking drastically, and I will not have any more room. So, from now on, euromounts and pictures.

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