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Jun 25, 2013
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Have a few hand selected (CA) Rigbys with lots of upgrades for sale:

First is a John Rigby & Co 416 Rigby rifle on a Double Square Bridge Magnum Mauser Action. It has a 24” tapered, stepped, round Lother Walther barrel with proper sleeved-on front sight base, gold bead front sight, flip-up porcelain night bead, detended front sight hood, sleeved-on rear sight base and quarter rib with 1 standing and 2 folding golf lined express sights, engraved for 100, 150, and 200 yards. Exhibition grade black streaked European walnut stock with ebony forened tip, double recoil cross bolts, steel trapdoor pistol grip cap, classic point-pattern checkering (wrapping around the forend) with mullered borders, classic comb, beaded pancake cheekpiece, inletted rear swivel stud and dark brown leather covered recoil pad. German made, Reimer Johannsen double-squarebridge magnum Mauser action with jeweled bolt, deep scroll carved bolt knob on straight-down bolt handle, Recknagel trigger, Model 70-type safety with FIRE inlaid in gold, solid bottom metal with hinged straddle floorplate, drop-box magazine for five cartridges and release inside triggerguard. Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-5x matte-finish scope with fine duplex reticle on Recknagel ERA quick-detachable swing mounts integrated with receiver squarebridges. Receiver ring, side wall, floorplate, front sight base, front swivel base, grip cap and floorplate scroll engraved by Byron Burgess and with maned lion on coin-finished floorplate. Receiver ring gold inlaid .416 Rigby on left, and serial number on right. Rigby logo in gold on grip cap. Maker's name in gold on quarter rib.

LOP is 15" to the end of the leather covered pad and weight is 10.75lbs without scope; 11.4 lbs scoped. German nitro proofs for 1999 on left rear of barrel and on front receiver ring. Excellent condition showing little use. Shoots and handles very well.

Price is $17,500 OBO plus actual shipping to your FFL. I can accept cashier’s checks for payment.

Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!














Next is a John Rigby & Co .275 Rigby on a Mauser Action with thumb cut on left side. It has a 24” round Lother Walther barrel with banded hooded front sight base, gold bead front sight, rear sight base with 1 standing and 3 folding express sights, engraved for 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards. Exhibition grade highly figured European walnut stock, steel trapdoor pistol grip cap, classic point-pattern checkering (wrapping around the forend), classic comb, beaded cheekpiece, and black recoil pad. Mauser action with jeweled bolt, deep rosette carved bolt knob on straight-down bolt handle, Model 70-type safety with “F” (for Fire) inlaid in gold, solid bottom metal with hinged straddle floorplate highly engraved with release inside triggerguard. Scope mount bases for Talley detachable rings on the receiver. Receiver ring, side wall and top rail, grip cap and floorplate heavily scroll engraved. Receiver left side gold inlaid “Rigby”, and “.275 Rigby” on barrel left side. Rigby logo in gold on grip cap.

LOP is 14-3/8" to the end of the recoil pad and weight is 8.8 lbs. Overall VG+ to excellent condition showing some use and light handling marks. Shoots and handles very well. I personally took it on a leopard and plains game hunt and it performed very nicely and was well cared for.

Price is $8,500 OBO plus actual shipping to your FFL. I can accept cashier’s checks for payment.

Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!














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American Rigby's?
Yes, they were made in California for some time during the 2000s. I have heard that barreled actions for magazine rifles like these may have been made in Germany and then stocked/fitted/engraved/finished in the US. However, I don't know that for sure.
Very nice! I have the same action on my .416 Rigby built by Sabi.
Though some may recall the legal wrangling over "English" or "American" Rigbys - these two are just SUPERB and BEAUTIFUL rifles!! Just looking at these pictures gives me goose-bumps!! :)
Though some may recall the legal wrangling over "English" or "American" Rigbys - these two are just SUPERB and BEAUTIFUL rifles!! Just looking at these pictures gives me goose-bumps!! :)

Well, you can get a new Double Square bridge action rifle in .416 Rigby from John Rigby of London for $17K. Not saying the above are not nice rifles, but the pricing is a "collectors" pricing and I don't know whether that is a fair price for what most consider a CA knock-off. Of course, an Edsel is worth some money today ;)
Wow, learn something every day....
To be more precise, they are rifles with "Rigby" engraved on them. For a mercifully short and regrettable period, a gunmaker in Paso Robles, California had the contested rights to use the Rigby name. The double rifles were assembled on German actions. They would never be confused with an older or current London Rigby. The bolt action rifles seemed to generate less contempt.

Such bolt rifles need to be judged for what they are; as in the quality of the components that went into assembly, fit & finish of the rifle itself, etc. The California rifles do not have collector value as London "Rigby's", though they are obviously often sold and advertised to the uninformed as such. As @Tanks notes, one can get an actual new production London Rigby (to differentiate from their bespoke rifles and guns) for less than the price of the .416 above. One can decide for himself if the engraving makes up for the provenance of the California rifle.

The second rifle is extensively engraved with what seems to be a high quality piece of Claro walnut. Again, a potential buyer should judge the value of what is essentially a custom bolt action for what it is. In this case, it is probably fair to say one would be unlikely to find a tricked out custom piece for much less.
Tanks, it is generally not appreciated to make detrimental comments on pricing in someone's public thread on any forum.

To your commentary; I am well versed in Rigby rifles and a big fan, owning several British made versions as well. Thus, I keep up pretty well on pricing and offerings as well as history. I have many prewar rifles and those are my preference overall as a Rigby collector. However, I am a fan of the newly built rifles and I think you would find that either of these rifles with this level of wood, engraving, etc would be in the $40k+ neighborhood for a DSB Big Game or $20k+ for a highly embellished Highland Stalker for new London rifles. I have spent time with both the new offerings from Rigby and they are great rifles all around although the $17k DSB is pretty basic with basic wood and no upgrades, same for the Highland Stalker.

These rifles are not exactly the same thing as London made guns in sense of collectability and thus priced accordingly for highly upgraded and high quality rifles.

All that being said, I would consider reasonable offers on these rifles hence the "OBO" in the price.
Tanks, it is generally not appreciated to make detrimental comments on pricing in someone's public thread on any forum.

Sorry, you can ask the moderators to remove the post if you wish.
Very beautiful rifles! But, I’d be afraid to take them out of the house, let alone hunt with them. Guess I’ll have to settle for a pair of Rigby shooting socks!
Thanks for posting these beautiful rifles vette447. I recently purchased one of the new London made Rigby Big Game rifles in 416 Rigby and I was interested to see in the photos and your description what the differences were to the California guns. Also agree with your comments above. I'm just glad that Rigby is back in England making the rifles again like they were originally designed. I'm quite pleased with mine and can't wait to get back to Africa to hunt with it.
Chas, thanks for the nice words.
Also, congratulations on your new Rigby and good luck on your (hopefully) upcoming hunting trip with it. I am glad they are back in London as well. Rifles like these are at their best when they are able to be hunted with. :D
Still, sharp looking rifles, and however the whole America Rigby story ended up, the owner seemed to know what he was doing when he built these two!
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Incredible rifles! Congratulations on your great taste! Wish I had the funds to purchase the 275. The wood and Rigby signature are just incredible. These will sell quickly to anyone who understands outstanding value
John Rigby & Co. turns out an excellent product ! I used a Double Rifle made by John Rigby & Co. in 1973 and 1974 to put down 16 man eating Hunting Leopards . It was a .375 Holland & Holland Magnum, which was regulated for 300 grain Winchester Silvertips and full metal jacket cartridges. Even though this caliber employs a rimless cartridge ( which is inherently unsuitable for proper extraction in Double Rifles ) , the ejectors never failed to remove the expended cartridge casings even once . I often regret not purchasing that rifle from it’s original owner.

Unless I am grossly mistaken , I do believe that the California made John Rigby & Co Double Rifles always employed German Merkel receivers.
California, or not, I wouldn't mind having them! They look great!
Price reduction:
$7850 plus shipping on the .275
$16,500 plus shipping on the .416

BTT. Happy Friday!

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