For Sale Custom Montana 404 Jeffery

Andrew Short

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Jul 9, 2020
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Here she is boys!!!! A 404 Jeffery, the most sought after and coveted dangerous game caliber there is!!!!

I purchased this rifle last year and it spent most of the year at the gunsmith. First, we removed the horrible factory sights and installed NECG sights along with barrel band “for the quintessential Africana look.” Next, I had the matte finish removed and a semi gloss blueing applied to give the rifle a more elegant look.

I had a thread protector made for the removable brake... “so you don’t have to burst your PHs eardrums when chasing that 48 inch Dagga boy!”

I purchased warne QD rings as well which are included in the price.

I know I won’t get what I have In the rifle back but I’m trying to go a different direction right now. I also don’t have to sell it but the funds would help obtain my new desire.

$4000 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping.

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Thank you. It has a 13 3/4 LOP and weighs 9.2 lbs if I’m not mistaken.
No you didn’t miss anything. Its a Montana 1999 action. The action is essentially a modified m70 action. It’s a factory chambering, not a conversion.
Nice rifle
Andrew. Why are you parting with it?
Would someone please explain what "bump" means in this context?
It is a phrase the OP uses to move the ad to the top so other members can see the ad. You could also use other phrases or made up words but “bump” is most common.
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Bump. Open to offers! Will include a box of federal premium solids with purchase!
Hi Andrew. Just a thought that you may or may not agree with. If you have another rifle built rather than buying one off the rack, particularly a African style dangerous game rifle, you might consider not having a muzzle brake built onto the rifle. Yes I know it unscrews and you can place a cap on it. But there are a significant number of hunters who would never buy a big bore with a brake on it. And if they did, would likely have it cut off by a smith. Many of us have a belief (right or wrong) that it ruins the lines of what would otherwise be a gorgeous rifle. This obviously only applies if the original owner is trying to sell that rifle in the future. Anyway just a thought so if you have one built in the future, the possibility of a resale increases your number of potential buyers if you decide to get rid of it. Good luck with a sale.

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