Finished a 9.3x62 Mannlicher style Mauser.


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Jul 26, 2013
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I finished two rifle projects in the last couple days. I have wanted to build a Mannlicher stock styled 9.3x62 for a long time.
This rifle is built on a Interarms Mark X action, with a pacnor barrel, bold trigger and CZ iron sights. Barreled action is cerakoted.
Well this is also my 4th 9.3x62 so at some point I need to probably let one go.

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Love it! Excellent build @AZDAVE !
What a piece of timber you used!
That is a beauty. Love the colours bought out in the finish. Really satisfyng to bring that long forearm down to those dimension and have it hold straight and true.
Very nice rifle! What is the barrel length?
@rdog the cross bolt on the one side the drill slipped when I was making the recess got the bolt head to fit flush with the stock and made a larger oblong recess. There were some not nice words said in the shop. I left it that way to remind myself to be more careful. doesn't impair the functionality of the cross bolt.

@Von Gruff This is a very dense piece of english walnut and I am very pleased with how straight and true the stock stayed, it is free floated to the width of a piece of paper from where I bedded the action to the end of the stock. Looking forward to seeing how she shoots. I have a couple boxes of 320gr woodleigh softs and solids that I would like to set this up for. But will test them and the 286gr options and see what shoots best.

@375 Ruger Fan Barrel is 22in.

@Jörg Krüger Yea, my reasoning is that I should let someone that doesn't have a 9.3x62 have one without me hogging up all the good ones. But only one and I keep three:Angelic:
Great piece of lumber and dimensions on the stock. Too often in modern production rifles the full stocks are way too bulky. Nice to see one done right.
absolutely beautiful work @AZDAVE !

you make me want to build another mauser lol... my builds suck by comparison... I need more practice! :)

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